The magic of 1600 cribs returns to the village of Ossana

From November 26th to January 8th the twenty-third edition of # ilborgodei1000presepi

A red thread ideally unites the over 1600 nativity scenes and delimits their path, illuminated by ancient handcrafted lamps: a light that will accompany visitors (tens of thousands are expected as every year) to discover works of art that are as suggestive as they are characteristic, handmade and set up along the narrow streets and alleys of Ossana, from the historic center to the Castle of San Michele. In the medieval village of Val di Sole, recently joined the club of the ‘most beautiful in Italy’, for a month and a half you can fully experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas, embellished by the usual market in wooden houses and attractions for the little ones.

In fact, from November 26 to January 8 Ossana hosts the twenty-third edition of # ilborgodei1000presepi, an initiative organized by the municipal administration and the Il Borgo Antico association in collaboration with the Val di Sole Tourist Board. the emotions – explains the mayor Laura Marinelli – On the one hand, those of the artists, no matter if they are professional or improvised, who through the cribs express their way of understanding and feeling Christmas. On the other hand, those of the public, who in front of such an iconic show feel intense sensations. Now that Ossana has been included among the most beautiful villages in Italy, we feel the pleasant responsibility of making this event even more attractive ”.

All the works are handcrafted by groups, schools, families, voluntary associations, individual citizens and, indeed, local artists, who give vent to their boundless creativity using often unusual materials: one of the cribs, for example, was made exclusively with beeswax from Val di Sole. But in the path that starts from the historic center of Ossana (the starting point is identified by a comet) you can find models of all shapes and sizes. And with themes that sometimes go beyond the Christmas context.

They will not miss anyway the news among the cribs on display: among those with a very strong emotional impact there is undoubtedly ‘Our heroes’, made in memory of the victims of the pandemic, set in the most affected places in the Bergamo area. “This work wants to be a thank you to all those who have worked, in many cases, sacrificing their lives during Covid: doctors, nurses, firefighters, law enforcement, volunteers. And to pay homage to those who are no longer there. It will also be enriched by background audio: a grandmother urging her granddaughter to nourish hope ”, explains Luciano Dell’Eva, president of the Il Borgo Antico association.

“The village of 1000 cribs over the years has helped to strengthen the sense of community among the inhabitants of Ossana but also of the Val di Sole: behind an event that constantly sees rewarding numbers in terms of attendance, there is a collective effort made by hundreds of people driven by the same passion. Visitors perceive it, and therefore appreciate even more works that exude humanity ”, remarks Luciano Rizzi, president of Apt Val di Sole.

In addition to the cribs, the exhibition will be animated by Christmas markets (at the foot of the Castle and in the central square) with the iconic wooden houses, where you can buy the best of local handicraft products and taste typical specialties. The little ones can instead visit the House of Santa Claus (set up in Piazza Venezia) which starting from January will be transformed into the Befana’s house, or get on a wooden ‘Elfoslitta’ and discover, thanks to a viewer, the journey that Santa Claus himself makes to deliver to the children of the village. During the event, the plan prepared by the Municipality of Ossana will already be active in order to contain the cost of the increases encountered and expected in the year 2022 for electricity and gas: complete shutdown at 11 pm of all public buildings and the external lights of the Churches as well as of the Castle of San Michele. The cribs can be visited for free from 10 to 22 until 8 January 2022. The markets and tasting houses will be open on 26 and 27 November and, in December, on days 3 and 4, from 8 to 11, 17 and 18 , and from 24 to 7 January 2023. The San Michele Castle will instead be open every day from 10 to 18 and on the opening dates of the markets from 10 to 20.