“The man I want is out”, a cold shower for Alex Belli: now he is alone

Cold shower for Alex Belli, the unexpected confession arrives: “The man I want is out”, now he is truly alone

Bad news for the competitor of GF VIP 6. For him it is a real bolt from the blue. The confession comes in a totally unexpected way: “The man I want is out“. Now the actor is truly alone.

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Cold shower for Alex Belli: what happened (Source: Instagram)

Alex Belli, cold shower for him: what happened

Alex Belli is one of the most discussed contestants of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. The actor has agreed to participate in a new talent show after the experience at the Island of the Famous and Temptation Island with Delia Duran.

At the beginning of his experience in the most spied house in Italy it seemed to be one of the revelations of this edition. Belli was also very popular with the public, but then he gradually lost some points.

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The gieffino, despite being married outside the house, has come very close to Soleil Rises, even claiming to be in love with her. The actor said he sees the roommate only as a friend, but few believe it both inside and outside the house.

Not even the wife, Delia Duran, believes it. The model, in fact, entered the house to have a confrontation with both Soleil and her partner. Despite this, Alex continues to be very close to Soleil. Now, however, bad news has arrived for the actor. A bolt from the blue for him who remains to be truly alone.

In the last few hours, in the most spied house in Italy, Soleil confessed: “The man I want is out“. The Italian-American model, therefore, dismisses any kind of rumor about her. He has absolutely not lost his mind to the actor and will never lose it.

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GF Vip, Soleil
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Who is Soleil’s boyfriend?

In the most spied house in Italy, Soleil has repeatedly confessed to having a man waiting for her outside. But who is it? The weekly “Chi”, in the column “Chicche di Gossip”, tried to outline an identikit of the man who would break into the heart of the Italian-American model: “His name is Carlo, he is Sicilian and he is the owner of an events agency, which tells his closest friends every day how much he misses his girlfriend”.

The identikit provided by “Who” would lead to Carlo Domingo, son of Enzo Domingo and Giusy Panariello, owners of Domingo Communication, an agency that deals with communication for the fashion sector.