The Maneskin nominated for the Mtv Video Music Awards 2023. And the new single comes out

On the day of the announcement on the official channels of the release of a new singlei Maneskins populate the musical chronicles with a new big news: the arrival of a application to the next MTV Video Music Awards 2023.
The Roman band will compete at the VMA’s in the category Best Rock. The candidate piece is The Loneliestthe third from the album Rush!released last October.

Honey (are u coming?) will come “soon”

Hot day for Maneskin fans all over the world with two updates arriving in the middle of summer but which will certainly mark the Italian band’s autumn.
A new single and a new appearance are already on the agenda for the next few weeks but while the date of the night in which the awards will be assigned is already known MTV Video Music Awards 2023 (The September 12th at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey), nothing is known about the release of the new song that will arrive “soon”. The only information about the single is contained in a very short teaser which anticipates the melody and the title: Honey (are u coming?) it will be a new rock in piece full Maneskin style, with the drum beats and the voice of Damiano David in the foreground. The anticipation is on fire, as the images in the clip suggest a heart on fire.

The nomination for The Loneliest

The Loneliestthe ballad that anticipated the release of the album by a few months Rush!continues to garner support. It is, in fact, the darkest song of Maneskin’s third studio album to bring the Roman band to the center of the world rock scene at the next MTV Video Music Awards 2023.
Together with the Maneskins in the category, Best Rock the challenge it is among such sacred monsters.
Nominated for the award are: i Foo Fighters with The TeacherLinkin Park with Lostthe legendaries Metallica with Lux Æternai Muses with You Make Me Feel Like It’s Halloween and finally i Red Hot Chili Peppers with Tippa My Tongue.
As Maneskin fans will well know, the band was the protagonist of the 2022 edition of the competition winning the Best Alternativethe Best Alternative Video award for the song I Wanna Be Your Slave, acknowledgment that had never before been assigned to an artist/band from Italy. Also on that occasion the contenders for the award were high caliber, among them were Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne and the Imagine Dragons.