The Marsicano. The Last Bear, the documentary tonight on Sky Nature

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With its spectacular programming, Sky Nature opened a window on the world of nature, trying to raise public awareness on environmental issues and continuing to enhance the territory of our country through original productions.

After The Enchanted Waythe documentary to discover the Val Grande in Lombardy, Sky Nature takes us to the green heart of Italy, in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, to focus the spotlight on one of the 15 animal species on the planet at risk of extinction.

The Marsicano. The Last Bear is a Sky Original documentary – from Saturday 24 September on Sky Nature and available in streaming on NOW and on demand – on a naturalistic treasure of global importance that has been protected every day, for 100 years, by the men and women of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park (PNALM), one of the oldest parks in our country and considered the Italian Yellowstone . In Abruzzo lives the Marsicano Brown Bear, one of the 15 animal species on the planet at risk of extinction and of which only 60 specimens remain. An incredibly complex management, which has to deal with the scarcity of resources, human and financial, and the anthropization of the territory. Technicians, rangers, scientists and foresters are in fact called to constantly confront the citizens of this strip of the Apennines, who have contrasting attitudes towards bears and other wild animals that have inhabited these places for centuries. Some are used to living with these large mammals – deer, wolves, foxes, chamois and bears. For others, however, they are just a threat or a nuisance.

For some time the Marsican Bear has been included by the UICN – the International Union for the Conservation of Nature – in the category “critically endangered”. For all intents and purposes it can be considered as the tiger in India and the elephant in Africa. The mission, therefore, is to permanently remove it from the list of threatened species.

In the background a The Marsicano. The last bear is the incredible story of Juan Carrito, the bear born together with 3 other puppies from mother Amarena in full lockdown. An exceptional story that has kept the Park and citizens committed to its protection for over a year. And that has highlighted all the contradictions related to coexistence.

The story follows for a year the life of the Park and the species it has protected for a century with images in the field, the monitoring and control activities of the biologists, through censuses and the GPS control of some specimens, the interviews with the PNALM guides, the meetings of the park technicians with the communities affected by the presence of the bear and the stories of the citizens who come face to face with the bear every day and testify to the uniqueness of the Italian Yellowstone.

Is the Marsican Bear really a threat to humans or is it humans who are a threat to this species?

The President of the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, Giovanni Cannata, said: “Juan Carrito was an incredible challenge that put a strain on the Park staff, in their many professional skills, all committed to ensuring the conservation of the bear. But it was also the systemization of all the institutions involved in ensuring that territories potentially suitable for the life of the Marsican bear are actually bear-sized “.

A film that reveals the background of the story of the Bear Juan Carrito, the cub that kept an entire region in suspense. A year of shooting – explained the director Massimiliano Sbrolla – to tell the complex work that keeps dozens of people busy every day in safeguarding a unique and fascinating species. Heritage of all of us“.

So Dino Vannini, Sky’s Head of Documentary & Factual Channels, concluded: “We are particularly pleased to be able to present Il Marsicano. The last Bear in such a suitable context, that is, right within the territory of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park. In fact, the project was born hand in hand with this institution at the birth, a year ago, of Sky Nature, a channel that has made attention to the environment and ecology a declared mission. Being able to tackle such a complex issue as the story of Juan Carrito, in such an unprecedented key and with such privileged access, makes us really proud of this content.“.