The memory of Al Bano: “Romina and I forced to leave Italy”

Al Bano spoke about a very delicate topic, which he shared with his ex-wife and longtime partner, Romina Power. Here’s what he said

The real name of Al Bano is Albano Antonio Carrisi. The singer was born in Cellino San Marcoin the province of Toastson May 20, 1943. Al Bano he still lives in the municipality that gave him birth, where he has a large estate, in which he mainly deals with the production of wine, even if he also has places to stay overnight. The father of Jasminea few months after her 80th birthday, still has a lot of energy and has no intention of stopping singing and going on stage.

Al Bano and Romina in concert (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Indeed, in a few days Albano Carrisi will take the stageAriston with Massimo Ranieri And Gianni Morandi, to compose a trio that the public has been waiting for for years. The three singers have been trying to organize such an event for a long time and Amadeus he was good at bringing them together for the next edition of the San Remo Festival. The three belong more or less to the same generation and were once rivals but in reality they have always had an excellent relationship, as they have repeated many times over all these years.

The date to be circled in red on the calendar is that ofFebruary 8th and many are betting that that moment will be one of the most viewed of the entire festival edition. Al Bano made some statements to Free Daily and talked about his career, also underlining some passages concerning his ex-wife, Romina Power. Here’s what the Apulian singer said.

Al Bano and party logic: “It was a stroke of luck”

Al Bano made some statements to Free Daily, retracing the most important steps of his career. The Apulian singer, who will turn eighty in May, recalled what happened in the 70s: “Romina and I were forced to leave Italy in the 70s”. The reason is related to the refusal to take sides politically to increase record sales. According to him this decision saved his career.

Al Bano Carrisi
Al Bano (credits: Instagram) – Solo gossip

After leaving the ‘Beautiful country’, Al Bano And romina they sold one million records in France with the song We’ll live it all again. Never agreeing to bow to “party logic” it made him experience difficult years but then he systematically recovered. Then he talked about the next one San Remo Festival. Many viewers are waiting for the trio consisting of Al Bano, Rainier And Morandi and he commented like this.

“The most beautiful Sanremo is the one I won in 1984 with Romina, we collected 3,900,000 votes. In 1996 I presented an autobiography in music, it recounted the personal anxieties of that moment. Gianni and Massimo are two real men and two friends”. A return to the stage with is not currently planned Romina Power but Al Bano he stated that news in this regard could soon arrive.