The Midnight Club, what we know about Netflix’s new horror series

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The Midnight Club it is a work of the writer Christopher Pikepseudonym of Kevin McFadden, published in 1994. 28 years later, the book will have an adaptation on TV which will be broadcast on Netflix starting next Friday 7 October (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick). At the head of the production of the project there are Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong.

The plot of The Midnight Club

The events of The Midnight Club concern a group consisting of eight terminally ill adolescents, who gather every night to tell stories of terror and promise each other that if one of them dies, he will return somehow. The protagonist of The Midnight Club is Ilonkaplayed by Imam Benson, which is inspired by a girl Christopher Pike really met in the early 90s. Unfortunately, she was terminally ill and being a big fan of the writer she would have liked to meet him in person as a last wish. Living on opposite coasts of the United States of America, the two limited themselves to talking on the phone and, during one of their chats, the girl revealed to Christopher Pike that she was meeting in the hospital with other adolescents with the same conditions for her. a sort of book club where you can discuss your novels. Struck by her story, the writer decided to write The Midnight Club to honor the memory of his unfortunate fanwho could not read the work because it disappeared before its completion.

Mike Flanagan’s work of persuasion

In a long interview granted to Vanity Fairthe manufacturer Mike Flanagan talked about how hard it was to get Christopher Pike to sell the rights to The Midnight Club and thus create a television adaptation. The writer, in fact, has always been very reluctant about it, but after receiving a long message in which Flanagan praised his works, Christopher Pike gave in and gave the green light to The Midnight Club. Filming began on March 15, 2021 in Burnaby, in Canada, and ended on 10 September. As mentioned above, The Midnight Club will come out on Netflix next Friday 7 October and will also be visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick. Although the story is mainly sad since the protagonists are terminally ill boys, Mike Flanagan has chosen to make it as sensitive as possible, but also giving moments of joy and leisure. In fact, jokes have also been inserted which are also intended to provoke hilarity. Finally, the plot will feature a mystery related to a patient, miraculously healed after finding something in a building.