The millionaire demands that Karol G receives and could harm her artistic career

Karol G, the successful Colombian urban singer, is facing a million-dollar lawsuit that could have a significant impact on her artistic career. The claim was filed by René Lorentea Cuban-American musician and songwriter, who alleges that the song “Don’t Be Shy” made by Karol G and the famous DJ Tiesto bears substantial similarities to his own composition titled “Something different”written in 1998. The lawsuit was filed in the “United States District Court” for the District of Puerto Rico.

Lorente alleges copyright infringement and plagiarism, and seeks $3 million in compensation for mental anguish, reputational damage and other damages. The legal document affirms that after a detailed analysis of the songs, significant similarities with the song of Carol G. both in musical, lyrical and structural elements, which go beyond the common influence. This leads the plaintiff to conclude that it is a case of plagiarism and usurpation of copyright.

Carol G. has been in the middle of his successful tour “Tomorrow will be nice”, which took her to several cities in the United States. Despite the fact that this tour marked a milestone in her career, since she became the Latin artist who has earned the most money with a tour in the United States, the lawsuit could put her position in the industry at risk. . particularly in The Angelshave brought her more than $25 million in revenue, placing her in a powerful position in today’s music scene.

The singer received several accolades, including the Top Crossover Song award for “Don’t Be Shy”during the third edition of the “Your Urban Music Awards”. Also, his album “Tomorrow will be nice” It was positioned as the most listened to album in the history of bill board upon its release, which highlighted her influence as a Latin artist. Although Carol G. she had announced a break in her career at the beginning of 2023, the success of her latest album prompted her to embark on the tour that has been a resounding success.

A new milestone was recorded in the music history books when Carol G. lit up the stage at the “Rose Bowl Stadium” in Los Angeles with two dazzling performances. A crowd of 120,000 passionate souls, including leading entertainment figures such as Alicia Keys, Sofía Vergara and Selena Gomez, came together to celebrate the artist’s successes. However, the lawsuit could impact her image and her finances, despite her recent achievements and her prominent position in the music industry.