The millionaire figure that Arturo Vidal and Marité Matus offer as a reward for their children’s dog

On August 28, Marite Matus He posted on his Instagram stories: “I need everyone’s help! We are very sad at home, we have lost our puppy Pascual. He is a 1-year-old Pomeriana, he got lost in the Chicureo brisas condominium. He had never gone far from home, that’s why we think someone took him.”

And he left an emotional message for all his followers: “If so, please return it, the children are immensely sad. Pascual is from the family!! I can’t see my children suffer like this!! Please make Pascual come back to my house…”. Let’s remember that Marite she lives with her three children: Alfonso, Emiliano and Elizabetta.

In that post, Marite She tagged her boyfriend Camilo Huerta, her eldest son Alfonso Vidal and her friends to share the post. They all did so immediately to bring some peace back to the family. “Help me, there will be a reward” added the influencer. Her post was also shared by her ex-husband.

Marite Matus and Pascual. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

Arturo vidal He had also published the image of the animal saying that his daughter’s dog was lost and that he offers a reward to whoever finds it, but in the last few hours, the King has already offered a specific number for whoever returns the expensive animal: it is nothing more and nothing less than 5 million pesos.

Reward offered for Pascual. Source: Instagram @mariteematus

“Please guys help us find my children’s puppy. Pascual is his name and he is from our family. Reward $5,000,000”, the Flamengo player wrote. Pascual’s breed, the favorite dog of Marite Matusbelongs to the Spitz family and gets its name from the Central Pomerania region, currently on the border between Germany and Poland.