The Monte Sacro Volunteer Festival kicks off in Rome

From today until Sunday, the social, cultural and leisure event in the Roman quarter has reached its 9th edition

The Monte Sacro Volunteer Festival in Rome has reached its ninth edition. A social, cultural and leisure event, divided into three days, from today to Sunday 2 October. This year, two centenary occasions will be remembered: the birth of Don Luigi Giussani, the initiator of Communion and Liberation, and the creation of one of the most interesting urban areas in the capital, the “Garden City” of the Monte Sacro district, a place from which Menenio Agrippa’s apologue rose to fame in the 4th century BC.

The volunteer groups have conceived the event – conferences, musical occasions, book presentations, exhibitions – as a popular “meeting”, between 9.30 and 22.30, to live intensely the reality of the neighborhood, to take care of others, to discuss the changing work, in a neighborhood that today has about three hundred thousand inhabitants and which, in 1922, when it was born, was nothing more than a setting of verdant hills beyond the Aniene river.