“The more I grow, the more I resemble you”: Paola Di Benedetto shows everyone her mother

The sweetest wishes to her mother from Paola Di Benedetto: the former gieffina shared a photo of them together on Instagram.

Established more and more in television, Paola Di Benedetto is proving extensively that he is not just the former Mother Nature of Hi Darwin, but to have the job of conductor in the blood. Despite after the triumph to the GF Vip 4 went through a very difficult phase, which did not prevent her from rolling up her sleeves and starting off again.

Paola Di Benedetto child with her mother (Credits: Instagram)

The 27-year-old from Vicenza, of whom we have recently heard often in relation to her story with rapper Rkomi, in recent months has led together with Ciro Priello and Roberta Capua the PrimaFestivalthe daily strip with previews and interviews with the guests of the various episodes of the Sanremo singing festival.

In addition, he has long been part of the team of RTL 102.5 in the role of speaker: a job that fascinates her and for which she is proving to be really capable. “I like working on the radio because it focuses only on words, on the ability to use them. But in addition there is the adrenaline of the live broadcast ”, she explained in an interview with Grace.

Having had several famous boyfriends, Paola’s private life has always attracted attention. Before Rkomi, the footballer was next to her for a long time Matteo Gentilibut their story ended before she left for Honduras as a shipwrecked de The Island of the Famous. It was during that journey that a flirtation with Francesco Mountain which, however, did not lead to a lasting story. Finally, Di Benedetto turned the page with the singer Federico Rossi, but in June 2021 the two broke up permanently.

Very attached to her family of origin, Paola has a twin brother and her parents are of Sicilian origin even though they have settled in Veneto for many years. Very popular on her social networks, she recently showed everyone a sweet shot that portrays her as a child with her mother. Curious to find out how much they look alike?

Paola Di Benedetto, the photo of her mother as a young man shows how much she resembles her: crazy

Through a story on Instagram, the former gieffina showed everyone a memory of her childhood while she was in her mother’s arms. Deeply grateful for all the love and sacrifices that the woman made with her husband to never make her and her brother lack anything, Paola writes: “You are the brightest star for me”.

Impossible not to notice the similarity between the two and in fact underlines: “The more I grow, the more I resemble you”. Have you seen the eyes and the colors? Virtually identical! Don’t you also find that a dedication like this for the birthday is really a very sweet thought?

mother Paola Di Benedetto
Paola Di Benedetto little with her mother (Credits: Instagram)

Congratulations to Paola and her mother from whom, apparently, she inherited so much beauty!