The most anticipated news by Daniela Aránguiz fans was confirmed

Daniela Aránguiz’s fans are in luck, since her participation in the successful reality show has been confirmed. “Brave Land”. This Channel 13 program, which has become a national audience leader, continues to surprise its followers with exciting news. The news of the incorporation of Daniela Aránguiz to this space has generated great expectation.

Daniela Aránguiza well-known showbiz figure, began his career on television at the age of 17 as part of the staff of the popular program “Mekano”. Her love life has been marked by her relationship with soccer player Jorge “Mago” Valdivia, a romance that has been the subject of attention and controversy. However, recently, her marriage to Valdivia came to an end, and after a time in the spotlight for alleged infidelities, they decided to separate. In this context, Daniela has made headlines due to her relationship with the Argentine Luis Mateuccia member of the cast of “Tierra Brava.”

When asked why he decided to join the reality show, Aranguiz He confessed that this would be his first experience in a program of this type. Although he had received numerous offers in the past, none had interested him until now. It was after watching “Tierra Brava” on television that she decided to join, partly motivated by her interest in Luis Mateucci. “I’m going in to get rid of the bug… I’m upset!” he admitted humorously.

Daniela Aránguiz new member of “Brave Land”. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Aranguiz He also made reference to the romance between Luis Mateucci and Alexandra Mendez, known as “La Chama”, which began before her entry into the program. Although she didn’t expect her relationship with Mateucci to develop so quickly, she is determined to compete and see how he reacts when she sees her enter the show. “I want to see that face,” she expressed excitedly.

Daniela Aránguiz new member of “Brave Land”. Source: Instagram @danyaranguizf

Daniela Aránguiz She is sure that Luis Mateucci will try to win her back, but she also pointed out that a lot of time has passed since their separation, and we will have to see if she is willing to give him another chance. Drama and excitement are guaranteed in “Tierra Brava… you reap what you sow”which airs from Sunday to Thursday at 10:10 p.m. on Channel 13. Viewers will not want to miss this new season with the addition of Daniela Aránguiz.