The most anticipated news by Pedro Pascal’s followers was confirmed

Pedro Pascal is one of the most important actors in our country and he is one of the few from South America who has been successful in Hollywood. Since he left our country, the one born in Santiago has not stopped succeeding and now news that has been long awaited by all his fans has just been confirmed. The protagonist of ‘The Last of Us’ was confirmed to participate in the new film of ‘The Fantastic Four‘, belonging to the Universe Marvel.

The present of Peter Pascal It couldn’t be better and the 48-year-old actor, who lives in New York, is waiting to record the second season of the HBO series ‘The Last Of Us’, which is part of the video game of the same name. In addition, he will be in charge of starring in the sequel to ‘Gladiator’ directed by Ridley Scott. Also, the series that he starred in for ‘Disney’ and that belongs to Star Wars called ‘The Mandalorian’ was very successful.

Pedro Pascal is in charge of a Marvel character. Source Instagram @pacalispunk

In this case, Peter Pascal will once again be part of a film belonging to the fantasy genre and has shown that it has the personality to adapt to any genre, from action, to suspense or science fiction. The 48-year-old actor will be one of the protagonists of the new ‘Fantastic Four’ film belonging to the Marvel Universe, which had its first films in 2005 and 2007 and which later had other actors.

The character of ‘Reed Richards’ from ‘Fantastic Four’. Source Pinterest

Apparently, the Marvel Universe wants to recover lost ground and that is why it has thought about Peter Pascal to be part of ‘The Fantastic Four’, especially to put himself in the shoes of ‘Reed Richards’, who is the leader. This character was played by John Krasinsky, but in the Doctor Strange series and would not be in director Matt Shakman’s plans.

‘The Fantastic Four’ returns to the cinema and with Pedro Pascal as the main figure. Source Instagram @fantasticfour

According to what was published by the Deadline site, Marvel is closing the agreement with the actor not only in economic matters but also due to the calendar, but it is a fact that Peter Pascal will be in the new installment of ‘Fantastic Four’. The premiere is scheduled for 2025 and they have thought of Vanessa Kirby as ‘Sue Storm’ and Javier Bardem who would be another of the superheroes.