The most expensive neighborhoods in Italy, that’s where houses cost the most

Milan dominates the ranking drawn up by

From the Quadrilatero della Moda to Crocetta, Milan dominates the ranking of the most expensive districts in Italy, compiled by, examining the twelve main Italian cities. In first place is the historic center of the Lombard capital, which includes Brera, the Duomo area, via Manzoni and via Montenapoleone, where prices exceed 9,000 euros per square meter (9,366 euros/sqm).

Also in Milan is the second most expensive neighborhood in Italy, that of Garibaldi-Moscova: there, on average, 8,500 euros/sqm are needed to buy a house. The perimeter between Arco della Pace and Pagano follows in third position, still in the Lombard capital, where houses sell for just under 8,000 euros per square metre, 7,903 on average. Similar quotation (7,763 euro/sqm) for the district at the foot of the podium: the Milanese Crocetta-Quadronno-Guastalla.

In fifth place among the most expensive neighborhoods in Italy is the historic center of Rome: to live a few steps from the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, an average of 7,300 euros per square meter is needed. In sixth and seventh position we again find two districts of Milan: the Darsena dei Navigli area between Porta Genova and Ticinese, where around 7,300 euros/sqm are needed, 600 euros/sqm more than the equally well-known Porta Venezia (6,700 euros /m2), seventh classified.

Eighth place for another district of the capital, namely the Aventine area, which houses the famous Baths of Caracalla. Here the request is 6,600 euros per square metre. The top 10 is completed by two other Milanese districts, both above 6,000 euros per square metre: the area of ​​Solari, Washington (6,300 euros/sqm) and that of Porta Romana-Cadore-Montenero (6,200 euros/sqm).

Milan and Rome occupy the first 14 positions in the ranking of the most expensive districts in Italy. In fifteenth place is instead San Marco-Rialto, in Venice, where more than 5,550 euros/sqm are needed to buy a house. In eighteenth position is the Michelangelo-Porta Romana district, south of Florence, with its 5,100 euro/sqm.

In Venice also the twentieth district in the ranking: that of Dorso Duro-Accademia, where the cost of houses settles just below 5,000 euros per square metre. First among the districts of the cities of southern Italy is Posillipo, in Naples, in twenty-second position, where more than 4,800 euros are needed per square meter on average for a house overlooking the gulf.