The move Pd. From applause to facts, appeal Letta to the majority and also Fdi

Dem secretary: “Let’s meet to implement Mattarella’s solicitations. Let’s play for credibility.” For now, yes from Lega, Leu, socialists and M5S with Brescia

An initiative at the parliamentary level, aimed at the majority but also at Fdi, to translate the more than 50 applause of yesterday to the speech of President Sergio Mattarella into concrete acts. This is the initiative put in place by Enrico Letta with the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate who today sent a letter to their respective presidents. In short, while the post-vote Colle sees the center-right and M5S tangled up in internal discussions that end up putting the stability of government at risk – see the League in the latest CDM – the Democratic Party emphasizes the things to do or that could be done in the last part of the legislature. An occasion, moreover, for the political reaction to the crisis staged in the surreal quirinal week.

Letta says: “After yesterday, as Parliament and as political parties and forces, we are playing for credibility based on the way in which we will follow up on the commitments contained in President Mattarella’s speech. We applauded them with thunderous and repeated ovations. If they remain letter dead, all politics would lose strength “. And he underlines: “Above all, it deserves the blame that has often and for some time been spreading in our society. My appeal is: let us quickly discuss the most suitable parliamentary instrument and decide together the concrete forms with which, in the last year of the legislature, we can really implement the requests expressed in that extraordinary speech “.

Already several positive responses. That of the League, first of all. “Well the welcome of the League”, comments among the dem. And then the 5 stars with Giuseppe Brescia and Alfonso Bonafede on the justice side, the socialists of Nencini and Maraio, Federico Fornaro di Leu. “We want to avoid – explains Enrico Borghi to Adnkronos – that the applause remains a scenic effect but becomes a political initiative”.

initiative distinct from government plan, ‘Parliament natural place for confrontation’

“Yesterday – continues Borghi – there was a strong unity of purpose in the classroom. But the applausometer is not enough. On some important issues, our task and our responsibility is to translate them into concrete actions. Furthermore, we must take advantage of the momentum. of this convergence between the political perhaps. We are in the final part of the legislature, yesterday the present Mattarella fielded many issues, let’s see how they can be addressed with a little organicity, addressing the most delicate issues with a bipartisan spirit, starting with the topics of justice “.

The dems explain that the initiative is distinct from the government plan. “Parliament is the natural forum for discussion. Let’s open a parliamentary discussion session”. This is the meaning of the letter sent by the group leaders Simona Malpezzi and Debora Serracchiani to the presidents of the Chamber and Senate in which “the proposal for a specific session of parliamentary debate on the follow-up to be given to the speech with which the President of the Republic accepted yesterday was made. his second term. (…) Let us not let the continuation of that speech be just the applause, albeit thunderous.

Emanuele Fiano observes on the appeal of the group leaders: “It goes in the right direction and should be accepted in a unified way by Parliament. On one of the issues that can help this path, there is already advanced work and that can be implemented quickly and concerns the reform of parliamentary regulations. A first step. As the Democratic Party, however, we continue to argue that we can go further (…) The Democratic Party is ready and I believe that Parliament should not miss the opportunity of the next months of legislature “.