The moving message of Benjamín Vicuña for the death of his father

This Tuesday, September 6, Juan Pablo Vicuña Parot lost his life. The father of Benjamin Vicuna He had been ill for several weeks. The actor traveled from Sunday to Wednesday to Chile since from Wednesday to Sunday he is doing the play “The Groholm Method” at Paseo La Plaza in Buenos Aires.

true to his style, Vicuna He published some heartfelt and extensive words, as he did more than once with the death of his daughter Blanca Vicuña. In addition, she accompanied the post with a black and white photograph of the actor. “You wore out all your shoes traveling the world and today the world makes a knot in me and it gets in my throat” she began writing her.

Juan Pablo Vicuna Parot. Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuna.ok

Benjamin he described his father as “a cheesy roughneck, a horseless cowboy, a noble and straightforward gentleman. The last of the romantics who left everything for love, I see that he comes from the family”. In addition, he added some heartfelt words addressed to heaven: “Today you can dance rock and roll again, today you hug your mother and your granddaughter, in what I am sure will be a cosmic party.”

Juan Pablo Vicuna Parot. Source: Instagram @benjaminvicuna.ok

“To shine Father, Don Juan Pablo” the actor said goodbye on his official Twitter account Instagram. “Elvis has left the building” was the final phrase, which means “Elvis has left the building”. This expression was often used by announcers after Elvis Presley concerts, in order to dissuade people who hoped to have some kind of encounter with him.

In his stories, he also published a photograph of Juan Pablo next to the word “Rockstar”. The publication exceeded 17,000 likes and 1,000 comments in a few minutes. “Hug Benjamin! RIP”, “My condolences, Benjamin” and “hugs in this difficult moment” were some of the messages that the actor received on social networks.