The My Sport e Salute app is born, the first for everyone’s sport

Cozzoli, ‘The goal of this app is to connect Italians to sport to rekindle the sporting passion’

The app was created to simplify access to sport by offering all bodies in the sports sector and all sportspeople the opportunity to contribute and use a common hub to disseminate information on any sporting discipline concerned. The ‘My Sport e Salute’ App was presented today at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the application created by Sport and Salute Spa in collaboration with Illimity that connects Italians to sport. On this basis and in collaboration with all the players in the sports system, this project was born for the promotion of grassroots sport and healthy lifestyles, available for free in digital stores.

“The goal of this app is to connect Italians to sport to rekindle the sporting passion and broaden its base. Technology can allow us to make a qualitative leap and take advantage of the opportunities it makes available to us ”, explained Vito Cozzoli, CEO and President of Sport and Health at the presentation of the My Sport and Health App. “This is the app of everyone, citizens, federations, promotion bodies, professional football clubs, Inter, Sassuolo, Sampdoria who have come into play. It will be the app for fans, practitioners and sportsmen ”, added Cozzoli. “If the summer successes of Italian sport are the locomotive of Italian sport, the My sport e salute app can be a wagon that Sport e Salute makes available to the restart train. We were ready to implement this application but we preferred to wait for the situation to stabilize, now we are ready to launch this project “.

My Sport e Salute is a virtual ecosystem. A simple, complete and concrete application that aims to put the entire sporting world online, just a click away: Federations, Sports Promotion Bodies, Associated Sports Disciplines, Meritorious Associations, Civil Sports Groups and military, over 100 thousand amateur sports associations and clubs and 14 million members. A platform able to connect the 7903 Italian municipalities and the 77 thousand existing sports facilities to bring them closer to all fans, large and small, of all levels. A place where, on the one hand, sports organizations will be able to have a space of visibility, promoting their activities and attracting new users, on the other hand, sportspeople can always be updated on the disciplines, places of interest and manage the activity daily motor skills on an individual and family level. And sports organizations will be able to report the possibility of purchasing tickets for events or season tickets according to certain methods in the continuous development of the application.

illimity was chosen as the technological partner of this project following a selection process, thanks to its expertise in the development of digital platforms and in open innovation. Among the other valuable functions of the app, such as geolocation, the planner with a calendar for planning one’s commitments or sporting appointments, the market place will be active, an area in which selected partners will offer, at advantageous conditions, connected products and services to the world of sport, from technology to the financial and insurance sector. Furthermore, the app constitutes a support in monitoring expenses and a payment enabler independently of the bank with which the user has a relationship.

“We are happy to be able to collaborate with Sport e Salute on this important initiative in favor of the world of sport. We were pleased to make our technological platform and our most innovative services available, such as aggregation and analysis of current accounts, an area in which the bank boasts important records. We will collaborate fully with Sport and Health to ensure the success of the project and its best dissemination ”, explained Corrado Passera, CEO of illimity.

” This new My Sport and Health application marks a step forward in the digital transformation of sport that becomes more accessible to all ”. Giuseppe Marotta, Inter CEO, said this in a video message during the presentation of the My Sport e Salute app at the Olimpico in Rome. “The commitments for the Champions League force me to stay in Milan,” added Marotta. ” Greetings to Sport e Salute and its president Vito Cozzoli and congratulations for this app that marks a step forward not only in the professional field, but at a basic amateur level. A gym of life for our young people. During the pandemic – continued the CEO of Inter – sport played an important role and we must never forget this. We had the opportunity to test it in preview and as Inter we consider this app a contribution to the sporting movement in general and a great testimony of innovation. ”

“The app is the switch that reaches the world. An era is changing and we are adapting. Sport e Salute and Cozzoli have made available a platform where you can enter whatever you want, giving information for free and to many people at the same time. football we have to insert content, if there is an event less covered by the media, to grow women’s football or something else and insert the information content into the app for users. An era has changed, let’s adapt “, explained the president of Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero present at the presentation at the Olympic stadium.

In short, an application to simplify the sporting organization of Italians, in which Sport and Health puts all the experience accumulated with its assets (Foro Italico Park, Olympic Stadium, Institute of Sports Medicine, School of Sport), addressing to the companies, associations and social fabric that they represent through their practitioners and members. With this initiative, Sport e Salute intends to respond to a specific need expressed by many Italians.

From a recent research conducted by Nielsen on a sample of 2000 interviewees, it emerged, in fact, that, since sporting activity is an important tool for personal improvement and one’s health, the needs connected to sport focus on the search for information and advice from channels. reliable information. 50% of the sample stated that they would like to receive advice and suggestions to fully experience the passion of sport, 45%, on the other hand, would prefer to obtain information on sports clothing, equipment and accessories, while the interviewees in equal measure (30%) they would appreciate, on the one hand, to find news on sporting events and events, and on the other hand to be informed with news of a more general nature.