The National Festival of Civil Economy is starting

The 4th edition of the National Festival of Civil Economy opened today in Florence, which will end on Sunday 18 September. The opening session was held in the Aula Magna of the University of Florence and the works then continue in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio involving young people, citizens, entrepreneurs, public administrators, associations and organizations sensitive to the need for a new development paradigm.

In good company. To seek, to rebuild, to make peace‘is the theme of the 2022 edition. Born from an idea of ​​Federcasse (the National Association of Cooperative Credit Banks, Casse Rurali, Casse Raiffeisen) which promotes it together with Confcooperative, organized and designed with NeXt (New Economy For All ) and Sec (School of Civil Economy) and with the contribution of Fondosviluppo, the National Festival of Civil Economy has now become accredited as an event of particular interest on issues that focus on man, his value as an individual, common good.

We need to think about the future by building the present, putting the person and the environment back at the center of the public debate. The post-Covid imperative is to privilege and encourage the ability to create economic value in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. In fact, the Festival discusses respect for the environment, made up not only of rules against waste or pollution, but of a new way of organizing work, relationships and communication. In the name of community, the models of participation and collaboration in the workplace must be rethought. Other topics on the agenda are those of social justice and peace building, of the future of Europe between war and pandemic, and the lessons of the latter for a change in the philosophy and organizational structure of Italian healthcare.

Leonardo Becchetti (Director of the Fnec and Co-founder of NeXt Nuova Economia per Tutti), at the beginning of the meeting, he dealt with one of the most topical issues: expensive bills. “In recent years, the Festival had already talked about structural solutions to the energy problem, rewarding families that have become energy communities with “best practices” and companies that have become self-producers of energy by freeing themselves from gas. These solutions, if they had been adopted by more people, would have avoided inflation. The latter, in fact, is caused by energy “. Becchetti then commented on the importance of the partnership between the Festival and the State Railways, aimed at the development of the territory:” Sustainable mobility is a fundamental pillar of the ecological transition and train is the means of the future, on which goods will have to transit the most. It is a means that helps us to communicate and network “.

Augusto Dell’Erba (president of Federcasse-Bcc) underlined how “also this year the Festival has relaunched concepts related to good company, to being together, to training; we replicate a model of economic society that has the intention of implementing the true principles of mutuality. Being together and exchanging experiences is, in fact, the basis of our economic activity. “Dell’Erba then concluded:” We cannot remain attached to economic theories that have not given the results they should have given. We believe that the economy must generate public happiness, actively involving the best forces of the territories and communities “.

Maurizio Gardini (Confcooperative president) said: “We are in Florence because we want to promote and create a new Humanism. Development without rules is not sustainable. It accentuates inequalities and widens poverty. Cooperatives bring to the Festival the ability to respond to the needs of communities on the one hand and to provide work on the other. Due to its characteristics, cooperation represents one of the most advanced frontiers of social enterprise and the civil economy “. For Elena Granata (vice president of SEC), enhancing the individual means” giving attention to the person, especially in moments of fragility: childhood, adolescence and seniority. We must increase attention to the needs and feelings of individuals, because each of them must not feel isolated. It is important to take care of social networks to grow all together. “The opening panel took place with a round table between Luigino Bruni, Elena Granata, Valentina Rotondi and Paolo Santori. In the morning the president of the Constitutional Court Giuliano Amato, in the panel “How to increase well-living in the territories? Models of co-programming and co-planning to increase well-being”.