The Netflix miniseries that has only 5 chapters and will not let you move from the chair

Netflix miniseries “Missing in Lørenskog” has arrived to captivate viewers and become a worldwide phenomenon. This Norwegian production, based on real events, has managed to position itself in the first place of popularity on the streaming platform, capturing the attention of an audience eager for exciting crime and mystery stories.

The plot of this new installment of Netflix It revolves around the disappearance of the wife of a real estate millionaire, and follows the police’s struggle to get to the truth amid pressure from the media and interference from deceitful informants. Inspired by events that rocked Norway in 2018, this intriguing mystery is presented in a five-part series that will keep you glued to your couch for four hours.

The cast of the series is made up of talented Norwegian actors, who bring captivating and realistic characters to life. His outstanding performance helps immerse the viewer in the story and creates an emotional connection with the characters. In addition to its exciting plot, “Missing in Lørenskog” stands out for its impeccable production and direction. Norwegian landscapes play a fundamental role in the setting of the series, becoming a distinctive element of the scandi-noir genre.

Images from the series. Source: Instagram @netflix,

The success of this miniseries is not limited to Norway, as its arrival in Netflix has allowed it to transcend borders and conquer international audiences. The dark and enigmatic tale has captured the attention of people around the world, combining elements of crime, suspense and human drama.

“Missing in Lørenskog” is a clear example of how stories based on real events can have a magnetic power over the public. Its quality and originality have conquered the hearts of Netflix subscribers, placing it on the podium of the most popular productions of the moment.