The Netflix miniseries with Áron Piper that has only 6 chapters and is a total disappointment

“The silence” is a miniseries that promised to be among the best of the television catalog of Netflix in 2023, but sadly it turns out to be a huge disappointment. By the creator of “Patria”, Aitor Gabilondo, the series is presented as a psychological thriller that seeks to keep the viewer intrigued until its powerful finale.

However, as the plot progresses, it becomes apparent that “The silence” fails to meet expectations. The story revolves around a teenager who has remained silent after committing a terrible act: murdering his parents. Although the title of the series alludes to this silence, the plot soon becomes complicated with subplots and elements that fail to integrate satisfactorily.

The main focus falls on the characters played by aron piper and Almudena Amor, whose relationship establishes a strange bond that eventually reveals what unites them. However, this shocking revelation fails to make up for the series’ weaknesses. The development of the protagonist’s personality is unconvincing and it is not possible to generate empathy towards him, despite Piper’s acting effort.

For his part, Amor faces an even more ungrateful character, lacking in expressiveness and with script decisions inappropriate for a prestigious production. These aspects emotionally distance the viewer from what happens on the screen of Netflix.

Although visually the series has indisputable technical solvency and the action takes place in Bilbao, the script fails to find the necessary balance to build the rest of the story in a timely manner. the plot of “The silence” it’s diluted with surprise twists and contrived cliffhangers that fail to hold interest, making it feel like the series was written with the sole purpose of reaching a shocking ending.