The new manicure by Giulia De Lellis: it completely changed the shape of the nails

The new manicure by Giulia De Lellis: the influencer has chosen to completely overturn the shape of the nails.

Among the most popular influencers Giulia De Lellis definitely falls into the circle. Since she made her debut on the small screen, she has come a long way. We saw her for the first time at Men and Women where she arrived to woo Andrea Damante. The public immediately fell in love with her, for her frank and sincere personality and for her great sweetness.

Giulia De Lellis, manicure (credits: instagram)

Many cheered for her. In the end, the path in the program ended with the happy ending. Her love story with Andrea was very troubled, so much so that when the two broke up she published a book ‘Horns look good on everything! But I was better off without ‘, which had an impressive success and is still widely read today. After several back and forth, both Giulia and the former tronista have found love. The influencer is very much in love with Carlo Beretta. She with him she publishes many photos and they show themselves together in stories.

Today Giulia is not only active in the world of the web but has become a well-known television personality, in fact she has participated in several programs and is also an entrepreneur. Her social networks have seen her grow more and more and today she is followed by millions of people. She interacts with them, showing even small moments of everyday life. In the last few days she has been showing her manicure her beautiful and glowing but apparently she has made a new change, distorting the shape of the nails: have you seen it?

Giulia De Lellis shows her new manicure: this time she has decided to change the shape of her nails

Giulia De Lellis after the experience with Men and Women has come a long way, reaching higher and higher. She has established herself on social media where she is followed by over 5 million followers and also in the fashion world. She the former suitor arrived on television, where she participated in several programs.

You will surely remember it at the GF vip in the second edition. Later she made her debut as a presenter, conducting together with Gemma Galgani Giortì, the entertainment format distributed on Mediaset play and Witty TV. In 2021 she was chosen to host the first edition of Love Island, a reality show broadcast on Discovery plus. She almost always lets people know about her new projects on social media. Through her channel, she keeps her followers informed not only by revealing future works or works in progress but also by showing her everyday life. In the last few days, for example, showed the new manicure: have you seen it?

giulia de lellis enamel
Giulia, new nail polish (credits. Instagram)

This time he decided to change the shape of the nails, if before it had a round shape now it is square: “We completely changed the shape of the nails”, she said herself, thanking the professionals who created the manicure for the excellent work. It is simple and has that particularity of the shape that makes it different from the others.