The new MERLINA Jenna Ortega said that she performed autopsies on animals when she was a child

The Addams Family returns to the screen in the series Netflix of Tim Burtonwith a new actress taking on the iconic role of Merlina (Wednesday) Addams with the starring role of Jenna Ortega.

However Jenna is not the first and follows a long tradition of actresses who have represented Merlina in many ways and with different profiles and ages.

The classic characters are originally based on the single-panel cartoons of the New Yorker of Charles Addamsbut it wasn’t until the 1960s sitcom that The Addams Family would become a pop culture staple.

From the sitcom the addams family has been adapted numerous times for the big and small screen, and seven actresses had the opportunity to play merlin addams in these film projects.

Which actresses have played Merlina Addams?

The first actress to play merlin addams on the screen is Lisa Loring, who played the 6-year-old character in the macabre 1960s sitcom adaptation of The Addams Family. The original show ran from 1964 to 1966 with a total of 64 episodes, and this version of Wednesday is Pugsley’s younger sister instead of the older boy.

The next actress to play Merlina Addams was cindy henderson in the 1972 animated series The New Scooby-Doo Movies, where he voiced the character in the episode “Wednesday is Missing”.

Christina Ricci’s iconic Merlina Addams

Perhaps the most iconic iteration of merlin addams is in the 1990s film duology, performed by christina ricci. The Addams Family (1991) was the first major live-action film adaptation of the characters, with the film’s successful countryside and darker use of the Addamses’ ghoulish interests earning it a sequel. Wednesday, in particular, became a more sardonic and dark character, establishing her as a figure of ’90s pop culture and the official breakout role for Christina Ricci. When Ricci reprized the role of her in 1993’s Addams Family Values, it became clear that her flawless portrayal of the iconic character of Ella would be hard to top moving forward.

Christina Ricci in her most famous role: Merlina Addams

It is not surprising then that Ricci also appears in the series of Tim Burtonbut has been cast in a mystery role instead of returning to being merlin addams.

Following the success of the 1991 film the addams family , the characters were again adapted for an animated television series. The show ran for two seasons, from 1992 to 1993, with Debi Derryberry voicing the young and brooding Wednesday.

There was another attempt to reboot The Addams Family into a live-action television sitcom from 1998-1999, which aired on YTV in Canada and Fox Family in the US. The New Addams Family lasted one season for a total of 65 episodes, with original actor Homer Addams, john astin, joins the series as Grandpa Addams. The New Addams Family Merlina was played by Nicole Fugerewho had previously played the character in the 1998 made-for-TV movie Addams Family Reunion.

The first big-budget adaptation of The Addams Family since the 1990s films was with MGM’s CGI-animated films, which were released in 2019 and 2021. Again taking a more comedic approach to the characters, the films The Addams Family animated series Wednesday was still deadpan and morbid, but sweeter-natured than the figurehead of the 1990s duology. In these two movies, Chloë Grace Moretzwho is best known for her roles in Desperate Housewives, 500 Days of Summer, Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows the new version of Carrie of 2013 and The 5th Wave played high school-age Merlina Addams.

The new great adaptation of Merlina Addams will be interpreted by the scream queen Jenna Ortega in the 2022 Netflix series MERLIN.

After seeing Merlina as a high school student at Nevermore Academy, the dark, socially awkward character with a fascination for torture helps stop a series of local murders while solving a supernatural mystery that shocked her family 25 years ago.

This marks the first time that a major Addams Family production will depict Merlina as a teenager, with the gothic and satirical moments certainly emphasized under Tim Burton’s direction. Before playing Merlina Addams, Jenna Ortega rose to fame for her roles in scream (2022), X , you, The Babysitter: Killer Queen Y The Fallout.

Jenna Ortega as Merlina Addams
Jenna Ortega as Merlina Addams

Jenna Ortega used to “perform autopsies on little animals” as a child.

The 20-year-old star has reflected on his friendship with the star of ‘Dance Moms’ Maddie Zieglerwho acted alongside ‘The Fallout’and insisted that he feels they are “same person in different sources” with the way that “clicked instantly” in the set.

Appearing on Wired’s ‘Autocomplete Interview’ series on YouTube, he said: “She’s so weird and I’m a weirdo in the way that I used to do autopsies on small animals when I was younger.

“Little lizards I found dead in my backyard. He’s a weirdo in the sense that he’ll break into characters or move or make faces.”

“Her comedic timing is so underappreciated. It makes me laugh. We have a good time. We’re so awkward together”.

The ‘Scream’ actress, who plays the lead role of Merlina Addams in Tim Burton’s new supernatural series, also recalled doing things awkwardly with Christina Ricci.

He worked for this new series with ricciwho played the same character in 1991’s ‘The Addams Family’ and its 1933 sequel, on Netflix’s spooky series, and his sense of humor was a bit too much at times.

She added: “I feel like I personally made it a little weird. She was really sweet about it.”

“Me? It was one of the most awkward experiences I’ve ever had. I think, socially, it can be a bit difficult to communicate with me at times.

“And sometimes she’d say something like a joke, and I think I have a very dark sense of humor, and she’d go, ‘Uh, that’s dark.'”

Meanwhile, Christina recently claimed that “every generation” should have its own version of Merlina.

The 42-year-old actress, who plays a new character on the Netflix show, said: “I love the spirit in which they were doing the show. She really retains a lot of the spirit of Wednesdays: that dignity, that incredibly self-assured young woman who knows who she is and won’t change or please other people.

“I think it’s really cool. Every generation should have their own Merlina Addams.”