The new public demonstration of love from Anuel AA to Yailin La Más Viral that does not make it clear if they are separated

Anuel AA is a Puerto Rican singer, producer and businessman who is recognized for being one of the pioneers of the trap genre in Latin America and where his songs talk about urban life and crimes in his country. In addition, he is known for his love scandals, where the last one in which he was involved was his separation with the young singer Yailin, the most viral, with whom he had a little daughter. According to what the artist stated, he separated after the birth of the little girl, but with a message that he left on his social networks, the rumor awoke whether or not he was fighting with the mother of his daughter.

Yesterday, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, the ninth edition of the Latin American Music Awards was held, which rewards the career of the most important Latin artists of the moment. Who was present was anuel aa and the Puerto Rican artist did not want to be left behind with the look he chose for the ceremony, in which he was one of the protagonists when presenting his new song with Wisin. Karol G’s ex wore an elegant suit accompanied by his jewelry and his sunglasses. The compatriots got together to launch the single ‘Mi Ex’ that promises to be a success.

Anuel’s look for the Latin Music Awards. Source Instagram @anuel

On the other hand, anuel aa He has been in the eye of controversy after his separation from the mother of his third daughter, Yailin, the most viral. The couple met after the singer broke up with Karol G, they got married and in less than a year they already announced that they would be parents. But, when the little girl was born a few weeks ago, they surprised with the announcement that they were no longer together.

Anuel and Yailin, when they were together. Source Instagram @anuel

However, on his Instagram account, anuel aa shared a story that filled all his followers with uncertainty, because it refers to Yailin, the most viral. The post is about the song that her ex released together with Shadow Blow called ‘Just you and me’ and added two hand emojis as if asking them to please come back. This aroused controversy, because apparently they would be together.

Anuel’s story that raised doubts about his relationship with Yailin. Source Instagram @anuel

It seems that the relationship between Yailin, the most viral and Anuel AA It would not be completely finished, and it is because of that mysterious message, the couple would continue to see each other, despite having announced the separation. In addition, the Puerto Rican singer has not deleted the photos he has with the mother of his daughter, Cattleya, so it would be another indication that the romance persists.