The news freezes: they broke up for good, but it has only just been announced

They broke up permanently, but only now has it been announced: the news leaves everyone stunned, no one would have ever imagined it.

After the end of the love story between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti – on which an important twist was added – another couple who made themselves appreciated in a famous TV program, said ‘goodbye’. To announce it, it was the direct interested party on his official social channel.

They broke up. Credits: instagram

According to what we learn from his words, it would seem that the fans of the couple had already understood something and that they have bombarded the directly interested parties with messages to understand what was happening between them. Only now, despite the breakup occurred some time ago, the young woman has chosen to officially announce the end of her love story. “I think it’s time to give you an answer”, Thus begins the outburst to which the former TV face has let go.

They broke up for good after four years of intense and pure love. To confirm this, as we said, it was the direct interest of her, fulfilling the requests of her fans. To push the two very young boys to say ‘goodbye’, according to what we learn from her outburst, it would not have been betrayal or lack of respect, but a crisis from which they have not been able to get out unscathed.

After 4 years they broke up definitively: “I will never forget this story”

The news had already been in the air for some time, but only now has it been confirmed: after 4 years from the beginning of their love story, now they have finally broken up! Anyone who has followed Temptation Island and their journey knows very well that their love story already experienced a stalemate at the time of the program. Due to his attitude in the village of boyfriends, the young woman had chosen to leave the docu-reality alone. Sometime after the program ended, the two reappeared together again and more united than ever. Now, however, the announcement of the breakup, which has shocked virtually everyone.

Many will remember them: Floriana and Angelica, the two very young Sicilians who chose to participate in Temptation Island just over a year ago. After the end of the program, it seemed that the two had found a new meeting point and really loved each other madly. Instead, a few hours ago the announcement of the end of their love story.

permanently left
Floriana and Federico. Credits: Witty Tv

What lies behind their ‘goodbye’? “Things have changed, there have been so many things that have led us to change each other”, Floriana explained on Instagram. She confirms, however, that she does not want to deny anything of her love story with Federico and that she has fought a lot for the continuation of her relationship.

permanently left
IG Floriana. Credits: Instagram

A real outburst, that of Floriana, which looks a lot like that of a famous singer who recently announced the end of her story. Did you like them as a couple?