The news that excites the fans of Adamari López and Toni Costa

“I know that you look me in the eye and it is something unique” said the tango of “Bajofondo”. To the rhythm of the music from the River Plate they fell in love Toni Costa and Adamari López. This happened 10 years ago, and today we experience the unthinkable. A closing dance, a finishing touch to a stage that includes a common daughter, the little “Alaïa”.

After several months apart we will be able to see a new friction between the former lovebirds. Many hope that this is the moment when the flame reignites. However, too many statements have dispelled any reasonable doubt of reconciliation. Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa They don’t think of going back, and they won’t.

Two of Alaïa’s teeth fell out and Adamari Lopez he couldn’t contain his excitement. In a video shared through their YouTube channel, they had to frantically search for the missing teeth. This is how she lives her motherhood now alone. Meanwhile, Toni Costa publishes a video of stunts and fears that her daughter will ask her to do the same.

The relationship that they have developed in this time seems to be very bearable. More discussions that you may have had in private have not come to light. In fact Adamari he took with humor the questions about the dance that he has to do with Spanish. In an interview in which it was announced that there was very little left to see them dance, he said: “Can’t I delay it a little more, so I can keep rehearsing?” who claimed that dancing as a judge had twice the pressure.

“I already started rehearsing with Toni. I’m nervous because obviously I want to deliver my best. And I am very happy that we can, in some way, close a moment in our lives. We started dancing and that is how we will end up on the track “Así se baila!” ”. He said with Miss Universe Andrea Meza, the Mexican was very funny.