The next enemy plants, the social campaign that turns haters’ comments into weeds

Einhell, a German brand of wireless gardening and DIY devices, has decided to take advantage of AI intelligence to fight against hate attacks. The Next Enemy Plants is the new irreverent campaign, signed Different, which aims to purge the web garden of weeds, thanks to artificial intelligence that manages to create the symbolic image of online abuse: bad weed , represented as a malicious entity that grows and spreads across the web, stifling freedom of expression and threatening user safety. The Brand has thus created a powerful and memorable image. And the irreverent and uncomfortable tone of the campaign openly challenged keyboard lions to stop annoying other users.

AI to raise awareness

“The Next Enemy Plants” represents an example of how artificial intelligence can be used not only to promote products and services, but also to raise public awareness of important social issues. “Thanks to the use of an engaging narration and the aid of AI, Einhell has managed to create an innovative and original communication campaign that has attracted the attention of a large audience, helping to make the web a more respectful and welcoming” comments Nicolò Conti, Einhell Italy Marketing Office.