The Night of the Candles of Vallerano illuminates the Tuscia Viterbese with 100 thousand flames

The evocative event at its 15th edition with a rich program: music, theater and dancing

The tribute to Mother Earth with the scenography of 100,000 candles that illuminate an entire medieval village: this is the theme of the XV edition of La Notte delle Candele in Vallerano, an event scheduled every year on the last Saturday of August in the heart of Tuscia Viterbese. Saturday 26 August, after three years of absence due to the pandemic, the most romantic event of the year returns, which will welcome thousands of visitors from all over Italy. In addition to the evocative set-up, created in every corner of the country directly by its inhabitants, it will be possible to admire, from the first stars of the evening until late at night, a series of continuous performances – including theatre, art and music – in every glimpse, square, stairway , courtyard of the historic center.

The Tetraedro theater company will present “Pachamama – Le Voci Della Terra”, a dance theater performance in homage to the Earth, characterized by exceptional dancers. “This cult of Pachamama is an ancient and extremely current way to remind us how much man is an integral part of nature and its cycles. Respecting nature also means respecting ourselves. In the individual rites dedicated to her, we rediscover love for the Earth and for the people who live there”. The positive energy and love of Boots Reggae will be expressed by DJ Guerrino, in a mix between iconic classics and new tracks with an infectious rhythm.

Exclusively for the Notte delle Candele, Federico Paris will create “Lucisi”, a new installation made up of dozens of smiling heads in terracotta, with candles inside that light up their smiles, inspired by those of archaic Greek and Etruscan sculpture. The sculptures will be on sale at the end of the event Stromberg’s jingle will offer a fun musical selection, complete with “Toga party” in which Little Tony meets Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke dances with Loredana Bertè while Madness together with Wham toast at the bar. Juggling, balloon artist, clown, magic to make life a dream and a dream into reality will be the preconditions for the circus performance of Karakasciò, who has been traveling the world for 14 years with everything in a suitcase.

Theater, music, dance and artistic performances: there is something for everyone

For families, the Coachman of Dreams is coming, capable of blowing a thousand giant soap bubbles and lots of magic, while the “Monologues of a summer night” will come to life from the darkness of an ancient cellar: these are texts taken from the classics of prose, poetry and cinema interpreted by the students of the theater school of San Leonardo in Viterbo. From classical music to jazz to ethnic music: the New Time Sax Quartet, made up of young musicians, will transmit their energy and musical feeling with a very diverse repertoire. Rock music instead with the notes of Radio Marlene, a group that takes its name from a radio station that broadcast in the late eighties in Vignanello. Their sounds are reminiscent of the seventies and have their roots in rock ‘n’ roll.

Talent, passion, creativity will be the basis of the “Trio d’autore” led by the charismatic Maestro Stefano Gianvincenzi, with Max Romagnolo, Vittorio Longobardi, Simone Bravi, Enrico Galassi, Lorenzo Paniccia, Pierpaolo Bonelli and Alessandro Salcini. The Incipriati, a company of actors, clowns, strong men and tightrope walkers, will be the performers of “Circo Verità – The Revelation Of Mother Earth”, in a dramatic love triangle. Space for musical poetry with the Chorobodó, who will alternate repertoires of Brazilian music with songwriting, Tuscan popular music and some ballroom dancing compositions. A group that derives its name from “robod”, according to the rhythms of Brazil).

A locomotive is arriving in Vallerano that puffs in all its power: Le Sound De La Gare, made up of two train conductors, Betto and Ludo, will take them on a unique journey through the vinyl grooves choosing from the best funk, soul and disco of the years 70 and 80. The talented musicians of the Orchestralunata group will propose the project I Custodi Della Città Sospesa. And then the Musa String Quartet will play, four who with their strings will accompany the public through the streets of Vallerano with the most famous pieces of Italian and international classical and cinematographic music.

Even a Contest for everyone, just take a picture and go!

On display, among the alleys lit by candles, there will also be illustrations and works by former students of the Midossi Art School of Vignanello, during an exhibition of works of contemporary art that combines different paths, undertaken by future illustrators, cartoonists or creators of videogames, in the field of Image Communication. For young people, the Vallerano Youth Council was inspired by the Tropics, they will transform Piazza Padella into a unique suggestive setting, with colors, music, garlands of flowers and cocktails.

The installation Battiti di luce by the sculptor and painter Jan Incoronato who let himself be inspired by candles. The creative path starts from his approach to the deepest dimension of Nature. Finally, it’s time for the GM Nanino music band from Vallerano in a concert specially prepared for the event.

The Mother Earth-themed photo contest open to all is back for participants. To take part in the Contest, all you have to do is take – with a smartphone or a photographic device of any type – some impactful images of the Night of the Candles, choose up to a maximum of three and send them, with your data (name and surname, address, telephone, email) by mail to [email protected] The jury, made up of the organizers of the Notte delle Candele and the Board of the Cultural Association Il Vivaio delle Immagini, will meet in the days immediately following the event to choose the winning work, which will get a prize of 100 euros, and the second best, which will receive the Special Mention of the Jury.