The October encore is starting, that’s how long it lasts: the weather

They return sun and heat in the middle of autumn

AND’ October bis arrived, with warm temperatures for the period and a prevalence of clear skies. Already between 2 and 10 October the conditions were spring or locally summer: a high pressure promontory gave the whole of Italy the classic Roman October with temperatures that touched 30-31 ° C in Sardinia and were hot all over Italy. . Now, after 3-4 days of bad weather, strong in the South, the African anticyclone is recovering again with good weather and highs up to 28 ° C.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of, confirms that until next Saturday 22 October the weather configuration on the European continent will be in the shape of Omega: like the Greek letter we will therefore have a figure characterized by a huge high pressure promontory surrounded by two cyclones, the first over Ukraine and the second, anomalously, over the Azores: this synoptic table, called Omega Block, will bring stable conditions over Italy and gradually warmer during the day. The night will still be autumn with some fog banks and a gradual increase of pollutants in the plains.

Queens of the heat will be Bolzano and Oristano with 28 ° C, Syracuse and Olbia will follow with 27 ° C, Rome will be bronze medal with 26 ° C together with the three CAs, Cagliari, Caserta and Catania: these are exceptional values ​​as they will be recorded after the mid-October, almost two months before Christmas with almost summer conditions. The freezing point in the mountains will rise up to 4000 meters from mid-week, in July we experienced the Apocalypse4800 phase with the freezing point at 4800 meters, now in an exceptional and decidedly even more anomalous way we go towards Apocalypse4000 in the middle of autumn. At this rate, the glaciers will continue to melt even in October and the accumulation of snow will begin later and later. On the other hand, 2022 to date has been the hottest year since 1800: 222 years of broken records.

The October bis will therefore last at least until Saturday 22 October, then a disturbance in the North and part of the Center is expected: this worsening will have to be confirmed, at the moment the reliability is medium-low.

Today Saturday 15 October – In the north: gradually more cloudy from the afternoon / evening. Center: sunny except for scattered clouds in Upper Tuscany. In the South: sunny with rising maximum temperatures, some residual rain on northern Sicily.

Tomorrow, Sunday 16 October – In the north: very cloudy or sometimes overcast skies. Center: slightly or partially cloudy. In the south: sun and heat for the period.

Monday 17 October – In the north: good weather except for scattered clouds in Liguria. Center: sunny except for scattered clouds over Upper Tuscany. In the south: good weather with temperatures above the average for the period.

Trend – Ottobrata bis, with rising temperatures and prevalence of sunshine for most of the new week.