The overwhelming proof that Daniela Aránguiz would have returned with Luis Mateucci

The model and beauty influencer Daniela Aranguiz He was in the media spotlight due to his separation from former soccer player Jorge Valdivia. The Zona de Estrellas panelist divorced the father of her children at the end of last year but the matter brought a tail by third parties in discord.

Jorge Valdivia began a relationship with deputy Maite Orsini, which did not go down well with Daniela Aranguiz that she began to launch strong messages and chat posts where the athlete told her how much he missed her while starting a new story.

But Daniela Aranguiz He also had his thing and started dating the former reality boy Louis Matucci, Things were going well, but it seems that the Zona de Estrellas panelist could not forget her ex Jorge Valdivia and the flirting cooled. “He’s watching his ex all day, he still thinks he’s his wife, so he can’t be with me. He’s waiting for him and I got tired, the problem is that he never turns the page, now I’m a little angry,” Luis said before the audience. press several weeks ago.

Daniela Aránguiz and Luis Mateucci. Source: Terra archive

The truth is that it seems that the relationship between Daniela Aranguiz It has a second season since the model was seen with louis mateucci at the Monticello Casino last weekend while having fun with a group of friends. In one of the clips you can hear how the influencer tells Luis: “Give me money to play.”

What Luis Mateucci answers between laughs: “I have to pay for electricity, water, gas” and passes a token to Daniela Aranguiz that he can’t contain his laughter while making it clear how much fun he has with Luis. There is still no official confirmation of romance but fans are already asking for it on the net.