The painful and commented rumor that surrounds Thalía

The Mexican presenter, Yolanda Andrade, has been one of the first to speak about the rumors of separation from Thalia and Tommy Mottola.

According to Andrade, who is one of the singer’s best friends, “this divorce has been well sung since she got married,” referring to the number of rumors that have surrounded the marriage for years.

Rumors of a possible divorce of the couple arose in early March on the “Gossip No Like” program, but lily stephananother of the close friends of Thaliadenied the rumors of separation.

Now, Andrade has come out to talk about the subject and give more details about the couple’s marriage. In an interview with journalist Jorge Carbajal, Andrade stated that he has recently spoken with Thalía and that there are no signs of divorce. “There is no divorce. Be more creative”Andrade said.

Thalía and Tommy Mottola have been married for more than 20 years and have been the subject of rumors of infidelity and fights for much of their marriage. However, on social networks, the couple seems happy and united.

At the beginning of February, rumors of separation began to circulate due to an alleged infidelity of the music mogul with the Peruvian singer Leslie Shaw. Shaw collaborated with Thalía on the song “I’m single”, but she herself denied the rumors.

Lili Estefan, for her part, also denied the rumors of separation, stating that she spoke with the couple and that everything was “perfect”.

It seems that, despite the rumors and speculation, Thalía and Tommy Mottola are still together and happy. As Yolanda Andrade said, “that divorce has been well sung since she got married.”