The painful moment Thalía is going through

Thalía always shares everything that happens in her life through her official social media accounts. Currently she is away, she is not being herself due to severe pain that prevents her from doing the activities that she used to do during her day to day, such as exercise, dancing and singing.

The interpreter of ‘You did not teach me’ revealed through her Instagram account that she is suffering from severe back pain and this has caused her to be away from her social networks, something her fans are not used to.

Therefore, Thalia shared a message. “I have been in a cry for a month and a half or two months. I have kept quiet, but they know that I am not like that. I have had severe lower back pain that has prevented me from walking, sitting or lying down. Everything hurts,” he commented.

Source: Instagram @thalia

Currently, the artist is undergoing an alternative treatment to improve her current state of health, so she wrote: “I am sharing this with you, because I have not posted so much, my lower back is bad for me. What a horror that your back hurts! I am doing acupuncture and exercises to condition my internal muscles. I already want to dance, sing and be the same again ”.

Source: Instagram @thalia

Apparently, Thalia He would be going through this terrible moment due to a bad movement that he made and that he decided to clarify: “I say that it is because I stopped exercising and I decompensated and then I bent over by Gigi, my Chihuahua dog and I felt something.” Finally, he told his followers that he wants to come back soon: “I love to make you laugh, but now, I’m wrong. If you know of any lumbar treatment or something I can do to get out of this chi … pain, tell me.”