The parish priest who celebrates the rainbow vigils: “Let us implement the Gospel”

Rainbow pulpit to curb homotransphobia. Don Dario Vivian, parish priest from Vicenza, last week celebrated the rainbow vigil against homotransphobia organized at the diocesan level with the approval of the bishop. “The bishop was not physically present – explains to Adnkronos the priest who has been carrying out pastoral care for LGBTQ people for some time – but he supported the initiative which this year for the first time took place in the four dioceses: Venice, Treviso , Padua and Vicenza”.

The altar, for the occasion, was symbolically covered with a rainbow stole. “You It was a very well-attended vigil – the Vicentine parish priest of San Carlo at the Villaggio del Sole recounts -. Not only ‘insiders’ attended, but also heterosexual faithful, people who are not part of the LGBTQ groups I follow, but for whom it is important to be there to give a different face to a Church that opens up”.

His and the other rainbow vigils taking place in the country with the approval of the Bishops ended up in the crosshairs of the Pro Vita association which defined these initiatives as “serious”, arguing: “We believe it is right to be close to everyone and condemn any form of violence and discrimination, but openly supporting or not distancing yourself from the rainbow prayer vigils means leaving the field open to the promotion of the LGBTQIA+ ideology and therefore to the demands it brings forward: gender identity, sexual fluidity, gender for minors in schools, egalitarian marriage , adoption for gay couples, uterus for rent. How can all this be accepted by the bishops?” Don Dario Vivian replies: “I understand that there are nostalgic forms, as there are also in the liturgical sphere and in other spheres, of the life of a Church closed in on itself, inclined to condemn the world It is also true that for centuries the Church has said some things. So there is a tradition that weighs heavily and these people do not understand that it is not simply the fact that the Church must adapt to the changing world but it is the way of reading the Gospel”.

For the priest, “the idea that there is an immutable truth must be curbed; but no: there is a reality that continues to be re-read and re-interpreted starting from life, otherwise it becomes a fossilized reality“.

Don Dario Vivian confirms that at the rainbow vigils there are “Bishops who participate personally. I also recall that the Flemish bishops have also taken a stand in favor of the blessing rite for gay couples because there is also the reality of homosexual love which can have the possibility of being blessed because where there is love there is God” .