The particular career chosen by Máximo Bolocco, son of Cecilia Bolocco and Carlos Menem

The driver Cecilia Boloco The 56-year-old is one of the most followed celebrities on social networks where he accumulates more than 900 thousand followers from all corners of the world and on more than one occasion he has been shown together with his son, Maximo Menem, product of the relationship he had with the former president of Argentina.

The truth is that Cecilia Bolocco’s son is about to finish his secondary education and in a few months he will have to choose what he wants for his future. In this context, last weekend Maximo Menem He participated in the Lollapaloza festival and there he was consulted about it by the press.

“I would like to study in Chile. Commercial or International Business at U Andes, I don’t know what I’m seeing,” he said. Maximo Menem before the questions of the journalists and at the same time that he took photos with the fans who requested it on the premises. The important thing is that his mother, Ceciia Bolocco, will support him in the decision he makes.

Max Menem. Source: instagram @maximobolocco

It is worth remembering that Máximo Meném, was delayed a year in his studies because he had to face an important cancer treatment in 2008 and for this he traveled with his mother Cecilia Boloco to the United States. This time he just concentrated on getting him back.

Maximo and Cecilia Bolocco. Source: instagram @maximobolocco

For its part, Cecilia Boloco It has just launched its line of footwear within the Falabella brand and the various products are already available in the different stores. She herself is the face of the campaign for her designs and also promotes them to her fans on the networks.