The particular demand of Marité Matus to Arturo Vidal because of La Rancherita

Marité Matus recently answered some questions through her Instagram account. One of them was if she was the owner of 75% of the equity of Arturo vidal, to which the model assured that it was “False”. It is that, for some time, rumors about it ran between show programs.

Based on this, last Monday in “Me Late”, Sergio Rojas revealed the particular demand that Marité made of the King, when he realized that Carolina Molina was close to his belongings. There he counted: “Arturo vidal he had a red Ferrari. The thing is, there was a sports car event … Arturo was not in Chile, he was playing abroad, and a very good friend of his who was the one who took the girls to Germany, I know, asked him to borrow the car “.

And he went on to explain: “he used the car, but what Arthur He never knew is that in that car nothing more and nothing less than Carolina Molina, la Rancherita, ex Arturo Vidal was going to arrive at this nut event. She comes to this event, they photograph her, she appears in the press. “

Source: Instagram @mariteematus

Apparently, the businesswoman did not like the situation at all. “Marite Matus Upon learning when she found out that Carolina Molina had placed her terrier not only on her husband’s physique, but also in his vehicle, she told him: ‘Arturo, that car will never return to our fiefdom.’ And Arturo had to sell the vehicle, “said Sergio.

And he stressed that “this is only so that they understand the power that has had in the decisions of Arturo Vidal, the image of Marité Matus.” Marite he ordered to close a branch that had the foundation of Arturo Vidal, which was by Departmental, where they took the little girls to eat a delicious thing, to share their good jote “, he concluded.