The particular family tradition of the children of Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodríguez, to which Bella Esmeralda has already joined

Since the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo for Al-Nassr, he footballer, Georgina Rodriguez and the couple’s children are adjusting to their new life in Arabia. They look comfortable, still looking for their forever home but sharing beautiful family moments. In the stories they have been seen all together, or even Cristiano and Georgina alone, enjoying a dinner as a couple, like today, where they took the opportunity to end the week with a romantic evening.

What caught everyone’s attention was in one of the latest Instagram stories of Georgina Rodriguez, where his beautiful youngest daughter, Bella Esmeralda, could be appreciated. The 9-month-old baby refuses to look at the camera to make her mother disown her, but the detail they noticed was that the girl already wears a small diamond in her left ear, square in shape just like the father her.

Georgina and Belle. Source: Instagram @georginagio

It was recently found that his brothers Cristiano Jr. and Mateo also have such a gem. It is a piece of jewelry very similar to the one the Portuguese footballer has been wearing for several years. apparently the little ones are so fans of their biggest idol Cristiano Ronaldo, who imitate her look with those beautiful and shiny earrings. On the side of the little Bella Esmeralda, she undoubtedly has no power of choice now, but she will do great regarding the use of earrings.

Matthew with hoops. Source: Instagram @georginagio.

Sometimes Georgina Rodriguez She also wore the diamond design very similar to her husband’s, apparently it is a kind of family tradition, it only remains to be confirmed if the girls in the family, Eva and Alana Martina, also follow the same path and like these earrings. Which of course are very beautiful, but also an exclusive piece of jewelry, not cheap at all.