The particular mistake of Cecilia Bolocco that went viral

Cecilia Boloco, one of the most important figures that Chilean entertainment has given, went through an unthinkable blooper, which made it viral. Not only does it happen on live television, but also on social networks a person, and more if they have a certain number of followers, they can have a bad time.

Cecilia, was doing a live on Instagram, a social network in which she has more than a million followers, to talk about the first seminar of the Care Foundation, which she presides over and which is dedicated to the fight against cancer. Although the topic was serious enough to put bits of humor, an Internet user who had joined the conversation, played a trick on him.

It all started when The Bolocco, as she is known, set out to thank people for their greetings and, out loud, read: “Hello, I send you my regards. Ana Lisa Melano”. She barely said it, she realized the joke she had been pulled into. “Awww you dumbass! I fell again! She was talking about important things. Who was she? ”, She narrowed her down between laughs. Moments later she continued with her informative role in the social network of the little camera.

This is not the first time Cecilia Boloco is the victim of a virtual altercation. In mid-2021, the former model had experienced a similar situation, also in an Instagram broadcast. On that occasion, she had read another comment with a double meaning: “Greetings from Lomas Turbas.” But on that occasion it had been her son Máximo de ella who had warned her. “I don’t know where Lomas Turbas is”, she had expressed. Her son, along with former Argentine president Carlos Menem, explained the meaning to which Bolocco could only laugh. “Oh, how stupid I am!”

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In the same live Instagram, the presenter said that she is going through the contagion and isolation of Covid-19, and that is why she could not be physically present at the Care Foundation seminar. “I have had such a bad time, you can’t imagine it, and that I have four vaccines. But I’m already feeling better. Yesterday I felt better in the morning and I started to work like crazy, organizing things. And after an hour and a half I started to feel bad, bad. I had a fever of 39, my head was going to explode, I started to drown. This is going to happen, ”she sentenced.