The particular nickname with which Aracely Arámbula referred to Luis Miguel and became the laughingstock of the Internet

Luis Miguel He is in a relationship with Paloma Cuevas with whom he has been very happy and in love. The singer was caught in Marbella taking the daughters of his girlfriend to school and images immediately sparked controversy and generated all kinds of comments about his role as his father. It is worth noting that many pointed out that he did not perform his paternity with his own children, especially those he had with Aracely Arambula.

Aracely Arambula and Luis Miguel They were together for four years and had two children. Their relationship ended in 2009, but it seems that it would not have been on the best of terms. Days ago, the ex of El Sol was in Mexico and caused a stir because of the way in which she would have remembered the singer. The people attending the event celebrated every word said by La Chule.

Aracely after Jorge Lozano’s conference with her friend. Source: Instagram @aracelyarambula

Aracely Arambula He surprised the public by appearing at a conference given by the personal motivator Jorge Lozano, who is the creator of the Ingobernable project. And it is that the actress received applause and ovations after she sent a possible hint to her ex-partner and father of her children, Luis Miguel.

Araceli He said: “Mamacitas, if I came out of the cockroach king, you can come out of any boy,” he said between laughs from the audience. “Marital status: ungovernable,” added the 48-year-old interpreter, unleashing once again the applause of the attendees. This is not the first time that she would call a “cockroach” Luis MiguelWell, in 2021 a TikTok video went viral where La Chule can be heard referring to his ex like this.

Luis Miguel was captured with Paloma Cuevas and her daughters, in Marbella. Source: Instagram @hoydia

About the absence of Luis Miguel in the lives of her children, Aracely recently declared: “My children have a lot of father with my dad, brother and my nephews. They are in a very close family and have a lot of love as a gift; the truth, we do not miss anything. She also revealed that she is Daniel and Miguel’s “mom and dad” and that, like many women, she takes care of the maintenance of the already adolescents.