The particular reason why Anuel AA sued the mother of his son

The Puerto Rican singer anuel aa The 30-year-old is very active on social networks where he accumulates more than 32 million followers from all latitudes who are aware of his movements but also, the artist does not miss a single detail of what is happening on the network and now he saw something that he did not like about his eldest son Pablo.

Pablo is in the care of his mother and ex of Anuel AA, Astrid Cuevas. The singer sometimes sees him when he travels and the woman has made it clear on more than one occasion that the artist is not a present father. The truth is that the Puerto Rican published a video online where she looks like her son is lying on a cosmetic table and she applies eyelashes like her clients.

This was not funny at all anuel aa who threatened her to initiate legal action for exposing the son they have in common in this way but the thing did not stop there, but the singer formalized the complaint before the Court of Fajardo in Puerto Rico so that astrid remove the material from the net.

For his part, Astrid Cuevas He assures that he only wanted to show that his son collaborates in his cosmetics cabinet, which is his source of work and at the same time they have fun. It is clear that the relationship she has with anuel aa It is not good at all and they do not stop crossing accusations.

Astrid Cuevas and Pablo. Source: instagram @astridcuevasm

Astrid Cuevas ensures that anuel aa He called her on the phone and launched a series of violent comments against her for what happened. The singer insists that he does not want his son to be exposed to malicious comments on social networks, the same reason he does not want his other ex Yailin, the most viral, to show photos of the newborn Cattleya.