The Penguin, the writers’ strike halts the Batman spin-off

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Filming of The Penguin were interrupted due to the writers’ strike called by the Writers Guild of America. The strike, which in this case literally invaded the spin-off set of The Batman in Westchester, he had already claimed several “victims” in the past. The protests, in fact, had also caused the filming to stop Daredevil: Born Again and pre-production work, related to writing, by The Mandalorian 4.

The Penguin: interrupted by the strike

There Writers Guild of Americaalso known by the acronym WGA, started the last protests on 2 May 2023, after the bureaucratic negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers they had stopped. The union had asked for an increase in wages and had also made a request as particular as it is current: that AI (artificial intelligence) should not replace their work. The Penguinthe eight-episode spin-off series of The Batman starring Colin Farrell, joins the television series blocked precisely because of the writers’ strike. According to reports from Deadline, the series was supposed to continue filming in a location in Westchester (in the state of New York) but the collective of writers has arrived at the place, thus interrupting the work. The protesters then celebrated their raid on the set with some tweets.

Where were we before the outage

The series, second spin-off project of the small screen linked to The Batman, had been officially announced in early 2023. Colin Farrell, recently told ExtraTV that he had read the script of the first episode, which he commented as follows: «It opens with my feet splashing in the water in Falcone’s office ». Licensed HBO Max, the series is in fact a sequel to The Batman by Warner Bros. Pictures: After The Riddler (played by Paul Dano) kills Carmine Falcone (played by John Turturro), Gotham City’s main mob boss, he stages a terrorist attack, leaving the Penguin (actually , Colin Farrell) to manage his affairs in the chaos of Gotham’s underworld.

The cast

Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, or the Penguin, is one of the DC Comics characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, and is one of the villains best known to the public, who saw Danny De Vito play him on the big screen in Batman Returns of 1992 and before that by Burgess Meredith in the film Batman of 1966. In the HBO Max series, the character is entrusted to Colin Farrell, and is the right hand of a powerful mafia boss, Carmine Falcone. In addition to the already important name of Colin Farrell, the cast of the series includes a number of notable actors, including Cristin Milioti, who plays the female lead Sofia Falcone, Clancy Brown as Salvatore Mirone and Michael Zegen as Alberto Falcone. The series is produced and written by Lauren LeFranc, with the writer and director of The Batman Matt Reeves. Craig Zobel is the director of the first three episodes and, among the executive producers, there is also Colin Farrell.