“The people who dream” is at the Lucio Corsi concert (which everyone should see)

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If you have the opportunity to go and hear Lucio Corsi live, don’t miss the opportunity. It would be a pity. For your cultural enrichment but also and above all for your soul. Because for a long time we haven’t seen an artist who gives everything he has, shares his passion and his love for music, and above all gives songwriting pearls that we have almost forgotten about.

Music and voice

I forgot: on stage the protagonist is the music, only her. No scenography, if not the notes of the instruments, the voice of this young artist with a big heart and the six members of the band (Marco Ronconi – drums, Giulio Grillo – keyboards / electric organ, Tommaso Cardelli – bass, Iacopo Nieri – piano, Gabriele Bernabò – guitars and synths, Filippo Scandroglio – electric guitar and slide guitar). When I hear the first notes of his songs I wonder why an artist like Lucio is not (yet) known to most. Or rather: he is not known and shared as he should. Because Alcatraz is full of kids of all ages who sing, go wild, sometimes get emotional, embrace those next to them during their concert. And that’s something I haven’t seen in a while. To an artist like him, who made his concert an almost sensory experience, I wish him the best. Because that’s what he deserves. For the time he dedicates to people, for the love and devotion he has for music, and the passion he puts into what he writes and does.

I borrow the title of his latest album and say: “The people who dream” is at the Lucio Corsi concert. And today, as never before, dreaming is a beautiful thing.

Who is Lucio Corsi

Lucio Corsi is a Tuscan singer-songwriter born in 1993, from Val di Campo di Vetulonia. In 2012 he defeated Mathematics and after various experiences with groups in the area and as many explorations of Etruscan tombs he moved to Milan. In the sprawling city he founds a musical duo with which he starts playing both in clubs and on the street. With a good dose of watermelons, dinosaurs, butterflies and cigarettes on his mind, he decides to pursue a solo career by proposing his own songs in Italian. He has two CDs to his credit, Swing Boy/VetuloniaDakar(produced by Federico Dragonna, which collects the songs from his first two EPs) e Musical bestiary, both published by Picicca Dischi. In 2017 you opened the concerts of the Baustelle and BRUNORI SAS theatrical tour; you have played around Italy participating in various festivals including the Festival Di Musica Distesa and the MiAmi Festival. On January 17, Lucio Corsi published “What will we do when we grow up?” the third studio album. The album is produced by Francesco Bianconi and Antonio Cupertino. On April 21 “People who dream” (Sugar) was released.

The concert lineup

1. White Arrow

2. The mouth of truth

3. Dude fly away

4. Classical dance

5. People who dream

6. Another world

7. Trieste

8. Spaceship

9. Footprints

10. Big hole

11. Untitled

12. The sister

13. Waves

14. (Text statues or Christmas)

15. You have a friend in me

16. Short people

17. Maremma bitter medley

18. The transparent girl

19. The wolf

20. Black Magic

21. Glam Party

22. 20th century boy

23. Children of the revolution

24. I am a year older

25. What will we be when we grow up

26. Radio maydays

27. Swing boy