‘The perfect sandwich’, the Italy of food with Vittorio Gucci and Sofia Piescia

Airing from May 30 every Tuesday at 10pm and available to stream on discovery+

“We will show Italy, the most beautiful and best country in the world”. “Il Panino Perfetto” arrives on Food Network channel 33, the travel show that talks about places, people, agri-food chains, led by Vittorio Gucci with his daughter Sofia Plescia, on air from 30 May every Tuesday at 10:00 pm and available streaming on discovery+.

He, a musician with 20 years of experience in television, has an obsession with good food, he doesn’t define himself as a chef but as a sandwich maker by choice. He loves to define himself as the ignorant gourmet, because two souls live inside him: one rustic, ignorant, and the other a sweetly perfectionist with a refined taste. She, a young aspiring actress, with her refined soul, during this adventure, through the flavors and scents of southern Italy, she will discover that she is not so different from her father.

On their journey aboard an electric vehicle they will immerse themselves in the artistic and landscape beauties, in the markets, among the locals. They will meet expert guides who will guide them to the knowledge of the ingredients of excellence, the characteristics of the territory, among the top quality supply chains, such as the Piennolo tomato from Vesuvius, the Piana degli Albanesi ricotta, the Paestum artichoke, telling the story, the most sought-after anecdotes.

In each episode, a different location: from Naples to Caserta and Avellino, to then move on to Matera continuing to Cerignola, Polignano and Cellino, and down to Altomonte and Tropea, to conclude the tour in Palermo and Catania. At the end of each stage, the judges will be called to evaluate the sandwich prepared by Vittorio in his cooking station with the ingredients found with Sofia. Among them also many favorites of the public such as Albano Carrisi, Tony Colombo, Antonio De Matteo of “Mare Fuori”.

Will they be able to conquer their palates by challenging the gastronomic tradition? The Perfect Sandwich (8×30) is made by Pascal Media Consulting with Big Bang Production with the support of Enel X Way together with Noova, Olio Torre Dieciventi, Birra Castello, Ben Fatto sauces by Vittorio Gucci, Love Load, Futility Design Exploration, Desalpes Bakery. Food Network can be viewed on Digital Terrestrial Channel 33, tivùsat Channel 53. The episodes will be available in streaming on discovery+ immediately after the linear broadcast.

It will be possible to follow the journey with “The Perfect Sandwich” on Instagram and Facebook.