The perfect story, plot and cast of the Netflix miniseries

Romantic comedy in five episodes, The perfect story is the story of a young woman who – on her wedding day – has a panic attack. An unequivocal indication of how wrong that marriage was. When she then meets David, everything becomes complicated (or, perhaps, becomes simple again).

The perfect story, the plot

Margot is a young woman about to get married. On her wedding day, however, an unexpected event causes everything to fall apart: following a panic attack, she chooses to abandon her future husband at the altar. In her life, at a certain point, she falls David. The boy, determined to win back the love of her life, asks Margot to help him make her jealous.

The two come from very distant worlds: Margot is the heiress of a family of hoteliers, one of those people who have everything but nothing they would like. David lives on some friends’ sofa, he’s a bit of a babysitter and a bit of a clerk in a flower shop, he would like to be a “cursed” boy but he’s a romantic.

From their union something unexpected is born. Initially, both are bent on winning their exes back, arousing their jealousy. Then, as in the most romantic of fairy tales, they realize that exes aren’t what they want.

The cast of The perfect story

Based on the novel of the same name by Elizabeth Benavent (former author of the novels that inspired the series Valeria and the movie We were songs), The perfect story has for protagonists Anna Castillo And Álvaro Mel. Spanish actress, Anna Castillo Ferré won the 2017 Goya Award for Best New Actress for her portrayal of her in the film The olive tree. From 2013 to 2015 she played Dorita in Love en tiempos revueltos. Actor and model, Álvaro Mel instead he played Tomás Peralta in the series The other sight. Also in the cast Mario ErmitoNational Band of the Most Beautiful Model in Italy: he is Margot’s promised (and nuanced) husband. Lydia Pavon is Idoia, David’s ex-girlfriend, superficial and capricious. Ana Bélen is Margot’s mother: her dream is for her daughter to marry Filippo, and to take better care of herself (instead of eating kilos of carbohydrates). Lourdes Hernandez And Ingrid Garcia-Jonsson are Margot’s sisters, her great allies, Jimmy Castro And Tai Fati they are David’s friends, parents of little Ada (whom the boy takes care of).

In Italy, The perfect story it is in third place among the most watched series of the end of July.