The Permanent Youth-Publishers Observatory in audience with the President of the Republic

The organization’s projects were presented to the Head of State by the President Andrea Ceccherini

The President of the Permanent Youth-Editors Observatory, Andrea Ceccherini, accompanied by a delegation from the Association, was received this afternoon at Palazzo Quirinale by the Head of State Sergio Mattarella.

The number one of the Observatory wanted to update the President of the Republic on the state of international and multimedia development of technology-media literacy and economic and financial literacy projects, through which his Organization tries to achieve its mission: that to help today’s young people become the free and independent citizens of tomorrow.

In this context, the leader of the Observatory illustrated to the President of the Republic the status of the strategic partnership that links the Permanent Youth-Editors Observatory to Apple, with the aim of launching a technology-media literacy project, at an international level, which pursue the ambition to develop the critical thinking of young people in the world, starting with the European Union.

In addition, the President of the Observatory, as part of the challenge to promote the economic and financial literacy of the youngest, presented to the Head of State, in absolute preview, the program of the works of the conference “Young Factor: a dialogue between young people, economy and finance “scheduled in Milan on 14, 15 and 16 June 2022 in Milan, with the support of Intesa San Paolo.

This is a unique event of its kind, created to discuss internationally on how to increase economic and financial literacy among young people and their sense of belonging to the European Union. A unique opportunity that will see, for the first time in Europe, right in Milan, six Governors of six European Central Banks participate to talk together about the future, for three days, with hundreds of young people from Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands, involved in their respective schools in the economic and financial literacy project of the Osservatorio Permanente Giovani-Editori.

An event, the Milanese one, which crowns the financial economic literacy work carried out in upper secondary school classes as part of the “Young Factor” project, the Italian project that has conquered leadership in the field of economic and financial literacy for young people, and which is supported by Intesa San Paolo, Unicredit and Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

The hearing was also an opportunity to update the Head of State on the enlargement of the social structure of the newspapers that support the “Il Quotidiano in Classe” project with the entry of the Gedi Group into the Organization and of the La Repubblica newspapers. , La Stampa, Il Secolo XIX, Corriere delle Alpi, Gazzetta di Mantova, Messaggero Veneto, La Provincia Pavese and the Tribuna di Treviso, which are added to the historical newspapers, which have been participating for years in the Observatory’s media literacy project: Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, The Nation, Il Giorno, Il Resto del Carlino, Il Messaggero, Il Gazzettino, l’Adige, Gazzetta di Parma, The Arena, Il Giornale di Vicenza, Bresciaoggi, The Province of Cremona, Gazzetta del Sud, The Journal of Sicily.

The President of the Observatory highlighted to the Head of State that having reached 23 different newspapers involved in the “Il Quotidiano in Classe” project represents the historical record of publishing groups never involved in the same media literacy project before and above all signs the growth of that pluralism of opinions, through which young people can train, in the classroom, under the guidance of their teachers, to strengthen their critical conscience, learning to read reality from different possible points of view, from different angles.

The President of the Republic congratulated the President Andrea Ceccherini and his Organization for the results achieved with the media literacy projects “Il Quotidiano in Classe” and economic and financial literacy “Young Factor”, which defined two valuable projects for the country, recognizing the high civil and social value of these activities to him and to the organization in favor of the growth of the younger generations.

The director of Corriere della Sera Luciano Fontana, the director of La Repubblica Maurizio Molinari, the Director of Il Sole 24 Ore Fabio Tamburini and the Director of Institutional Affairs and External Relations Intesa San Paolo Stefano Lucchini also intervened during the hearing.

The delegation that went up to the Quirinale, to accompany the President of the Observatory Andrea Ceccherini, included: Maurizio Beretta, Head of Institutional and Cultural Affairs of Unicredit Group; Luciano Fontana, Director of Corriere della Sera; Luigi Gubitosi, Vice President of Confindustria and Member of the Steering Committee of the Permanent Youth Observatory – Publishers, Stefano Lucchini, Director of Institutional Affairs and External Relations Intesa San Paolo; Maurizio Molinari, Director of the Republic; Vania Nigro, Project Manager for the Permanent Youth Observatory School – Publishers; Willem Olthaar, Personal Assistant to the President of the Permanent Youth-Editors Observatory, Andrea Riffeser Monti, President of Fieg and President of National Publishing, as well as founding member of the Observatory; Pierfrancesco Salvetti, Chief of Staff of the President of the Permanent Youth Observatory – Publishers; Fabio Tamburini, Director of Il Sole 24 Ore.