The photo of Gala Caldirola kissing a woman who goes around the world

The picture of Gala Caldirola kissing a woman in Miami has gone around the world and has generated a stir on social networks. This surprising event has paralyzed Mauricio Pinilla, who has been indirectly involved in the controversy.

Gala and Pinilla. Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

Gala Caldirola, who is enjoying his stay in Miami with his friends and his daughter, has been criticized on social media due to alleged romantic encounters on US soil. Given these comments, the Spanish model did not hesitate to respond ironically through her official Instagram account.

The answer of Gala Caldirola It came in the form of a curious photograph in which he is seen kissing a gigantic photograph of one of the iconic sisters kardashians. Next to the image, the model wrote: “Please, also say that I kiss Kim in Miami”. With this publication, Caldirola made it clear that she is calm in the face of rumors and that she prefers to take them with humor.

The impact of this publication on social networks was immediate and generated a large number of comments from followers of Gala Caldirola. Some of them took the image lightly and left funny messages like “Not even Kim was saved” or “You’re giving away kisses, I’m taking the flight today.”

Gala’s post. Source: Instagram @galadrielcaldirola

However, there was also criticism of the reaction of Gala Caldirola against the accusations. Some comments insinuated that the model is too aware of what the media is talking about her, exposing her to her followers. In short, the photo of Gala Caldirola kissing a woman in Miami has generated a great deal of controversy on social networks. While some have supported and celebrated her sense of humor, others have criticized her response to the rumors. Although the model seems to be taking everything calmly and not worrying about criticism, it remains to be seen how this situation will evolve in the coming days and what opinion Mauricio Pinilla will express in this regard.