The ‘Pink Ribbon’ campaign kicks off

Thanks to research, breast cancer is being cured more and more. In Italy, since 1992, 5-year survival from diagnosis has increased from 78% to 88%. Thousands of lives saved, but more needs to be done

Starting October 1st, the Breast Cancer Campaign, the campaign for the prevention of breast cancer with the iconic pink ribbon, conceived 30 years ago by Evelyn H. Lauder and promoted by The Estée Lauder Companies. In Italy, where once again the partnership with the Airc Foundation for cancer research is renewed, the godmother is the TV presenter and testimonial Airc Roberta Capua. Already yesterday Naples was colored pink, with the Maschio Angioino in the color symbol of the fight against the most widespread female cancer.

Thanks to research, from 1992 to today the survival 5 years from the diagnosis of breast cancer in Italy has grown from 78% to 88%, a progress – underlines the Airc – which translates into thousands of lives saved, because every Breast cancer affects 55,000 women in our country, one in eight in their lifetime. This is why it is essential to continue to support research and do prevention. This is the message of the Breast Cancer Campaign: it’s #TimeToEndBreastCancer, it’s time to eliminate breast cancer.

“The Breast Cancer Campaign has committed and involved Estée Lauder Companies together with its partners in the fight against breast cancer for 30 years – says Federica Polinori, CEO and General Manager of The Estée Lauder Companies Italy – I am proud to give voice again once, to such an important message, supporting and supporting Airc which is an Italian excellence in cancer research and which, like us, pursues the ambitious goal of giving every woman a world that is finally free from breast cancer. Evelyn H. Lauder posed it in 1992, when she conceived the pink ribbon, today the universal symbol of the fight against breast cancer “.

“This year we celebrate 30 years of the Breast Cancer Campaign: 30 years of researchers’ work and awareness of breast cancer to remember the importance of prevention”, remembers Daniele Finocchiaro, CEO of the Airc Foundation for cancer research. which is “the first private financier of cancer research in Italy: thanks to our supporters and the fundamental contribution of partners such as The Estée Lauder Companies Italia, we give strength and continuity to the work of researchers working against breast cancer, to which only in 2022 we have allocated 15 million euros for 161 research projects and scholarships in this area “.

“Thirty years ago I took my first steps in the world of TV – says Capua – There are many beautiful moments of that period. I remember, however, that the media never talked about cancer, a word that was scary. If today things have changed , I think it is also thanks to Evelyn Lauder who in 1992 created the pink ribbon, a real universal symbol that has helped to keep the attention on breast cancer high. I am proud to be the Italian godmother of the Breast Cancer Campaign which gives 8 years sees The Estée Lauder Companies Italia alongside the Airc Foundation for cancer research. If today almost 90% of women are alive 5 years after diagnosis, we owe it to research, but this result is not enough. We want to cure them all. women!”.