The Pod, the Italian Podcast Awards triples. From 9 to 11 June in Milan. The program

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Not just an award, but three days of panels, networking, case studies and meetings aimed at highlighting talent and strengthening the community of listeners: Il Pod – the Italian Podcast will be held in Milan from 9 to 11 June Awards, the first national award dedicated to the best quality content that flourished during the year.

An event in three days

In addition to the awards, therefore, among the novelties of this year there are the two preliminary days (9 and 10 June) full of insights, meetings and live podcasts in the spaces of the Mare Culturale Urbano, an appointment to discover the world of podcasting. On the third day – Sunday 11 June, at the Teatro Carcano – the awards evening will be held which will see a winner for each of the 16 categories in the competition and three super prizes. In addition to the Podcast of the Year (chosen by the judging panel from category winners), there will be awards for Best Podcast voted by the public (award supported by Amazon Music) and Indie Podcast of the Year.


Organized by Maura Gancitano and Andrea Colamedici, philosophers and writers who founded the Tlon cultural dissemination project, and by the producer Fabio Ragazzo, Artistic Director of this second edition, this second appointment has expanded in its form and proposal with the desire to build a professional network in this ever growing world. “A great opportunity to take stock together on the growth of the podcast world between industry, creators and community” said the organizers.


Among the 539 podcasts registered for this second edition of Il Pod – Italian Podcast Awards, 5 finalists were selected for each of the 16 categories in the competition. Each category – Wellness, Branded, Business, Comedy, Culture, Diversity, Documentary, News, Indie Information, Indie Entertainment, Indie Storytelling, Fiction, Green, Talk, Sound Design and True Crime, the latter supported by Audible, an Amazon company among major players in the production and distribution of quality audio entertainment (audiobooks, podcasts and audio series) – will have its winner compete for the most prestigious award of all, the one for Podcast of the Year, awarded by the jury to the best podcast that was released in 2022.

Another prestigious award will go to the podcast most loved by listeners, which will be awarded the Amazon Music Audience Award (voting is active until 12.00 on June 11, 2023 on the website


The jury of this edition – made up of last year’s winners and professionals from the cultural world such as Francesco Costa, Elena Marinelli, Gianpiero Kesten, Matteo Caccia, Barbascura X, Chiara Tagliaferri, Giulia Di Quilio, Rossella Pivanti, Giacomo Bagni, Arianna Poletti , Andrea De Cesco, Gipo Gurrado, Giovanni Truppi, Francesca Tablino, Marina Pierri, Pietro Del Soldà, Ilaria Marzi and Rossella Migliaccio – will also confer the Award for the Best Indie Podcast of 2022, selected from the three categories: indie information, entertainment and narrative.


Friday 9 June

It starts on Friday 9 June at 16, at the Mare Culturale Urbano, with the first Italian appointment entirely dedicated to meetings and networking with the aim of analyzing the world of Italian podcasting from an industry point of view and its relationship with similar cultural worlds (radio, TV, publishing, brands). Who listens? Audible will present the data of the latest NIQ research (NielsenIQ): with Giorgio Pedrazzini, NielsenIQ Senior Consultant, we will discover the trends and listening habits of podcasts in Italy. We will talk about trends, innovations and opportunities in the sector with Federica Tremolada of Spotify, Alicia Fasser of Audible, Marco Novali of Storytel and the spreaker Francesco Baschieri, the meeting will be moderated by the expert podcast journalist Andrea Federica de Cesco. How are the new audio dynamics between podcasts and radio adapting? We will discuss this with Andrea Borgnino of RaiPlay Sound, Giacomo De Poli of Lifegate and Alessandra Scaglioni of Radio 24, with the moderation of Fabio Ragazzo. Sara Poma of Chora Media Studio, Carlo Annese of Piano P, Francesco Tassi of Vois and Michele Rho of Radio Raheem, moderated by Rossella Pivanti, will make an in-depth analysis of the strategies used to integrate podcasts into the world of brands and create a significant impact on the promotion and engagement of listeners and listeners. Informing and informing in the digital world will be the title of the appointment, moderated by Andrea Colamedici, which will have as guests Francesca Milano of Chora Media, Riccardo Bassetto of Will Media and Carlo Annese of Piano P. About what happens when podcasts meet intellectual property like books, television series and documentaries we will talk to Riccardo Chiattelli from Feltrinelli, Rossana De Michele from Storielibere, Michele Dalai from Mondadori Studios and Ettore Paternò from Fremantle. To close the first evening, the talk-show that will see Francesca Fiore and Sarah Malnerich, activists and writers of Mammedimerda, confront each other with Diego Passoni, speaker of Radio Deejay, in the company of the urologist Nicola Macchione of the podcast Cazzi Nostri, cose tramale per a claim to overcome the maternal stereotype and toxic machismo.

Saturday June 10th

Saturday 10 June, again in the wonderful spaces of the Mare Culturale Urbano, will instead focus on podcasters and content. We will start in the morning, starting at 10:30, going to explore the dark side with compelling stories of crimes and investigations with Massimo Picozzi (Black as blood), Stefano Nazzi (Investigations), Marco Maisano (Ghost). With Vincenzo Venuto (The gorilla has it small); Giovanni Savarese (You’ll forget me), Matteo Liuzzi (Freediving) and Lorenzo Baravalle (Here Italy is made) will explore the power of podcasts in spreading knowledge. The day will continue with the preview presentation of the podcast produced exclusively by for Audible Original Luciano Lutring: The Master of the Robbery with Matteo Liuzzi and the biographer Andrea Villani. We will enter the world of the indie podcast with some of last year’s winners such as Gianpiero Kesten (Very human things), Giulia Di Quilio (It’s Sex, Beauty!) and Loretta Da Costa Perrone (Architecture of a song). Great attention will be given to the theme of activism within the podcasts: speakers will be Sara Ventura (Plural Women’s Sport), Leonardo Caffo (Quattro Capanne) and Alessandro Sahebi (Slime). The day will end with a live episode of Umani Molto Umani, the podcast in which “a Human”, an expert in his sector, answers Gianpiero Kesten’s questions.

Sunday June 11th

The appointment with the awards will instead be on Sunday 11 June 2023, starting at 18, at the Carcano Theater. Here we will discover the winners of the 16 categories and the three super prizes (Podcast of the Year, Amazon Audience Award and Best Indie Podcast 2022). The evening of the Italian Podcast Awards 2023 will be conducted by Marco Carrara and Maura Gancitano, the entire award ceremony will be accompanied by live soundtracks by NAIP, multi-instrumentalist and musical artist. The appointment at the Carcano Theater will open with a Lectio Magistralis by Francesco Costa, the journalist who accompanies us every day with his Morning. During the evening, Andrea Colamedici will be the protagonist of a Stand Up Philosophy.

Collaboration with Amazon Music and Audible

An award that is enriched in its proposal and also with the presence of two major realities such as Amazon Music and Audible – respectively supporters of the Amazon Music Audience Award and the award for the True Crime category – and the support that NordVPN will offer to the nominees of the categories Indie the possibility to make their projects sustainable and innovative.