The polar cyclone Thor unleashes winter on Italy

Abundant rains and therefore in the form of a storm in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Sardinia and above all in Campania. It could snow in Milan

Here we are, in a few hours icy air of polar origin will plunge into the Mediterranean Sea giving life to an insidious cyclone, Thor, which will literally destroy time throughout Italy. Antonio Sanò, director and founder of explains that the high pressure of the Azores from the Atlantic Ocean is rising as far as Greenland, thus drawing cold polar air which will rapidly flow towards the heart of the continent until it also reaches the central Mediterranean. then Italy. The effects could be significant and heavy for many regions.

After a Monday 16 January with rain arriving in the Northeast and immediately present in the central Tyrrhenian regions and in Campania, it will be Tuesday 17 January that the Cyclone Thor will unleash an intense wave of bad weather. In terms of rainfall, we expect very abundant rainfall and therefore in the form of a storm in Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Sardinia and above all in Campania. In these regions the hydrogeological risk will be considered very high. Rains will then wet much of the North. Not only will the rain be the protagonist of the day, but also the snow. Thanks to the influx of cold air at altitude in the Alps, the white lady will descend to altitudes close to the valleys, depositing just over 30-40 cm above 1300 metres.

However, there may also be opportunities for snowfall in the plains, in fact in the presence of heavy rainfall the flakes could be seen on many stretches of Lombardy, such as in Milan for example. More snow is also expected on the Apennines which will return to whiten widely above 1300 metres. Finally, after the rain and snow, Cyclone Thor will also attract very strong Libeccio winds which will blow with gusts even at over 110 km/h, causing intense storm surges on the Tyrrhenian coasts and western Sardinia.

In the following days the polar cyclone Thor will move towards the Tyrrhenian Sea further cooling the climate. The bad weather will once again concentrate in particular on the central regions and in Campania, but this time the snow on the Apennines will drop further in altitude and even below 600 meters, also in Sardinia. But that’s not all. Between Friday and Sunday, Cyclone Thor will reach the South, calling cold north-eastern winds and making the weather worse on the central Adriatic area where the snow could even reach the coasts of Marche and Abruzzo over the next weekend.

In this context, temperatures, needless to say, are expected to decrease significantly, first in the North and then also in the Centre-South, ending up below the average for the period by almost 8°C.

Today, Monday 16 January – In the north: it worsens widely in the northeast with snow on the hills. In the middle: bad weather in Sardinia and the Tyrrhenian Sea by evening, strong Libeccio. In the south: rains between Campania and Calabria.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 17 January – In the north: bad weather with snow at very low altitudes. In the centre: storms over Tuscany, Umbria and Sardinia, snow at 1300m. In the south: severe bad weather in Campania.

Wednesday 18 January – In the north: many clouds, but mostly dry. In the middle: bad weather in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Umbria and Sardinia, snow below 1000m. In the south: bad weather in Campania.

Trend – Cyclone Thor towards the south, increasingly cold weather and snow at even lower altitudes.