The Pooh in concert at San Siro, true friendship exists. Tribute to Negrini and D’Orazio

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Meeting, growing up, moving away, getting closer and finding each other again, true friendship exists and Pooh I am proof of that. Thursday 6 July the group (PHOTO) wrote a new page of Italian music with a concert on the stage of St Syrianseven years since the last time in the Milanese stadium. Rob porters, Red Canzian, Dodie Battle And Richard Sheets they gave the audience a unique show full of love, joy, feelings and of course lots and lots of friendship. The evening was dedicated to Valerius Negrini And Stephen D’Orazioguest The Flight.

the poohs are proof that true friendship exists

Four pillars of music, four artists who wrote immortal songs, but above all four great friends and life partners. A completely sold out stadium welcomed the Poohs for a show lasting over three hours with a lineup of fifty-six songs, as many as their career years. Their four voices kicked off the evening by recalling how life always brings people together if that is their destiny.

Friends forever he inaugurated the show among the cries of the many present who then went wild Stay with me, Days infinite, isabel And Last night of hunting. Following Roby Facchinetti introduced My friend’s woman: “I must say that Stefano made himself known in this passage because he exceptionally tells that friendship is much, much more important than love”.

Of note is the performance on the notes of The two of us in the world of the soulgreeted by a great roar, Dodi Battaglia then revealed that he was very fond of the period of the making of the album Parsifal.

Then it was the turn of You come out, In silence, Alexandra, When a she goes away, I will be born with you And Little Katy. Riccardo Fogli thanked his fellow adventurers, while Red Canzian spoke of the tragedy that struck Romagna recalling a charity collection: “For us it is a magical and beautiful evening, but we must not forget that there are people who are less Well”.

The penultimate act was opened by I will think tomorrow, to follow other great songs much loved by the public such as Wings to see, eyes to fly, The moon is twenty years old And 50 spring.

The Poohs then invited to the stage Piero Baron, Ignatius Grove And Gianluca Ginoble for an exciting performance on the notes of Men alone, Red Canzian lifted the curtain on the last act with I’m alive: “We are preparing to close, but as we once said: if it has to be a finale, then let it be a grand finale!”.

We are not in danger, Much desire for her, Just give me one minute, If there’s a place in your heart, Thought, Tell me yes And Who will stop the music they closed the concert.

Here you are the complete lineup of the Pooh concert in Milan:

  1. Intro
  2. Friends forever
  3. I will sing for you
  4. Stay with me
  5. Rolling Breathing
  6. Endless days
  7. Where the sun begins (part one)
  8. Where the sun begins (second part)
  9. isabel
  10. The eagle and the falcon
  11. Last night of hunting
  12. Eleanor my mother
  13. Time, a woman, the city
  14. My friend’s woman
  15. The other woman
  16. Being without you
  17. Live in the wind
  18. The two of us in the world and in the soul
  19. My woman
  20. The year, the place and the time
  21. You and me for other days
  22. Infinite us
  23. Parsifal (part I)
  24. Parsifal (part II)
  25. come outside
  26. In silence
  27. Alexandra
  28. When a she goes away
  29. I will be born with you
  30. Little Katy
  31. Awakening
  32. Viva
  33. Big hopes
  34. The boy from the sky (Lindbergh)
  35. Letter from East Berlin
  36. On the other side
  37. Where were you
  38. Orient Express
  39. Surprise night
  40. Looking for you
  41. I will think tomorrow
  42. Incredibly down
  43. Wings to see, eyes to fly
  44. The moon is twenty years old
  45. Pierre
  46. 50 spring
  47. Lonely men
  48. I’m alive
  49. We are not in danger
  50. Much desire for her
  51. Just give me a minute
  52. If there’s a place in your heart
  53. Thought
  54. Tell me yes
  55. Who will stop the music
  56. Final theme song