The Pope praises Italy: “Volunteering is your characteristic, among the most beautiful things”

Francesco also mentions the speakers and banking aid associations

”The Volunteering it is one of the three things that I have found in Italy as a characteristic of yours, I have not found it so elsewhere. The other things are the speakers parish, especially in the north, and then the economic and banking aid associationsfor people to take the mortgage there and go ahead, economic help. Three typically Italian things. I take the first one: volunteering. It is one of the most beautiful things. Because each one with his own freedom chooses to take this journey which is a way out towards the other, going out with an outstretched hand, a way out to worry about others. Action must be taken. ” The Pope said this when he met in audience in the Vatican Apostolic Palace, the members of the Federation of Christian Organisms of International and Voluntary Service (Focsiv) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation.

” I can stay at home sitting quietly, watching TV or doing other things – he added – No, I take this effort to go out. Volunteering is the effort of going out to help others, that’s how it is. There is no desk volunteer and there is no television volunteer, no. Volunteering is always outgoing, the heart open, the hand outstretched, the legs ready to go. Go out to meet and go out to give. I want to take these two words back. Go out to meet. We are experiencing a civilization of confrontation ”.