The Pope: Putin stop the war. Zelensky is open to serious peace proposals

During the Angelus Pope Francis spoke of the war in Ukraine, with its increase in casualties, with the escalation and the nuclear risk. The Holy Father has made a direct appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop this spiral of violence and death, and to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, to be open to serious peace proposals. “The course of the war in Ukraine has become so serious, devastating and threatening, that it arouses great concern. For this reason, today I would like to dedicate the entire reflection to you before the Angelus. In fact, this terrible and inconceivable wound of humanity, instead of healing itself, continues to bleed more and more, risking to widen ”, the Pontiff said.

The appeal of Pope Francis

“I am afflicted – added the Pope – by the rivers of blood and tears shed in recent months. I am saddened by the thousands of victims, especially children, and by the many destructions, which have left many people and families homeless and threaten with the cold and hunger vast territories. Certain actions can never be justified, never! “. Pope Francis confessed that he is distressed that the world is learning the geography of Ukraine through names like Zaporizhzhia and other locations, which have become places of suffering. And also of the fact that humanity is once again facing the atomic threat. “Let the weapons shut up and seek the conditions for starting negotiations capable of leading to solutions not imposed by force, but agreed, just, stable. And such will be if founded on respect for the sacrosanct value of human life, as well as sovereignty and territorial integrity of each country “.

Appeals to Putin and Zelensky

There were two expected direct appeals: first of all to Putin and Zelensky. “My appeal is addressed first of all to the President of the Russian Federation, begging him to stop, also for the sake of his people, this spiral of violence and death. On the other hand, saddened by the enormous suffering of the Ukrainian population following the aggression suffered, I direct an equally confident appeal to the President of Ukraine to be open to serious peace proposals. to the ongoing war, without getting involved in dangerous escalations, and to promote and support dialogue initiatives. Please let the young generations breathe the holy air of peace, not the polluted air of war, which is madness! “.

We trust in God’s mercy

“After seven months of hostility – concluded the Pope – all diplomatic tools should be used, even those that have not been used up to now, to put an end to this terrible tragedy. War itself is an error and a horror! We trust in mercy! of God, who can change hearts, and in the maternal intercession of the Queen of Peace, at the moment in which the Supplication to Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii is raised, spiritually united with the faithful gathered at her Shrine and in many parts of the world ” .