The Popular Credit Bank for Financial Education

With the project “Let’s talk about money. Conversations and points of view on women and money”, organized in collaboration with FEduF, the Foundation for Financial Education and Savings, issues such as work, savings, earnings, wage disparities, family budget and responsible management of money, aiming at enhancing the skills of women, favoring autonomous and informed choices about money.

In the first webinar of 11 October Giovanna Boggio Robutti, general director of FEduF, Rosa Cocozza, Full Professor of Economics of Financial Intermediaries, spoke about gender equality in economic issues, rights and efficiency to an audience of about 100 students. of Naples Federico II and Azzurra Rinaldi, economist and Director of the Gender School of Economics, Unitelma Sapienza. A feminine project, yes, but open to everyone, because to reduce distances it is necessary to train women but also fathers, husbands and colleagues.

The belief of a lesser female capacity in managing economic and financial aspects is formed very early and derives from stereotypes and resistant cultural factors that see women devoted to care and men responsible for the economic resources of the family. Knowledge of economic issues, knowing how to manage money can help women become independent and not delegate money management to others.

The project Let’s NETWORK! We surf safely in the world of digital payments is dedicated to the students of the high schools of our region and is organized in collaboration with NEXI and FEduF. The BCP will meet students from Campania in several appointments to lead them to discover new forms of money and electronic payments, to make them aware of the use of the tools themselves so that they can operate in complete safety.

The more than 200 students of the E. De Nicola Higher Education Institute in Naples and the Nobel Scientific High School of Torre del Greco were the protagonists of the first two events.

With these initiatives, included in the calendar of the Month of Financial Education, in which it has participated since birth, the Banca di Credito Popolare confirms its commitment to disseminating knowledge to young people on the conscious use of money, facilitating the growth of active citizenship and responsible.